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Leslie loves creating schedules, organizational charts (the more post-its the better), and convincing people that CAST has the best mission in the world. As a result, Leslie is our Executive Director.

She studied Spanish and International Relations during her undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky and combine this with her graduate degree in Communications from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and experience in business, she is perfectly poised to take over the world one day.

Although she currently has no real ambitions of world domination she has had the opportunity to expand her international connections through her correspondent work in Rome and collaboration with the Holy See for a video on St. Peter's Basilica for the Year of Mercy.

Catholic Small Group Resources Discipleship Bible Study

Catholic Resources For Discipleship And Small Groups

Discipleship is key to evangelization. As Fr. George puts it, “Mass is where the meat is” and oftentimes this is…

Almsgiving During Advent Catholic Link 2020

Almsgiving During Advent – Help Support Catholic Link!

Did you know that during Advent the Church encourages us to partake in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (much like Lent)?…

Catholic tips for praying together in marriage

Three Key Tips For Praying As A Couple

Have you ever thought, “Wow, I want to have a great marriage…how does that happen?” The answer is simple –…

Resurrected Bodies, Predestination, And The Maniturgium

In this week’s video of Ask a Priest Anything, Fr. George Elliott tackles some big questions: Why will we be…

Ask A Priest - Angels, Blessed Salt, and Fratelli Tutti
Catholic Media

Angels, Blessed Salt, and Fratelli Tutti

In this week’s episode of Ask a Priest, Fr. Elliott tackles some common misconceptions and questions for Catholic world: Do…

Faith & Life

The Social Dilemma And Using Social Media As A Catholic

This past weekend I watched The Social Dilemma with my husband, and I have since removed all social media apps…


Your Complete Guide To Paying Priests For Things

“No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one…


Catholic-Link Expands To Video!

Five years ago today, a group of three seminarians and two lay students in Rome started a podcast… What does…

The challenge is to share how your faith is giving you #HopeDuringCOVID19, by following three simple steps: POST, CHALLENGE, TAG.

Spread A Message Of #HopeDuringCOVID19! Are You Up For The Challenge?

We find ourselves in uncharted territory with the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to the medical aspect of the crisis, the…

What Is Sex For? Catholic

What Is Sex For?

What is the purpose of intimacy? This question is at the heart of the video “Theology of the Body (Catholic…

3 Tips To Help You Choose Your Lenten Practices

How To Choose Your Lenten Practices

Mardi Gras rolls around every year, and every year I think “Oh shoot. What am I going to give up…

There is more than one victim when dealing with abortion and women who choose abortion need to be loved and helped in their healing process.

The Love You’re Looking For

In this video, we see the love of a mother for her son, and the impact her son has on…

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