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Did you know that during Advent the Church encourages us to partake in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (much like Lent)? It is a time of preparation for Christmas, but also of Christ’s Second Coming.

Almsgiving helps the Church as a whole by financially supporting the various ministries and organizations that serve the needs of the faithful.

So, this Advent, when you are considering how to support the work of the Church through almsgiving, I ask you to help HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people receive resources to grow closer to Christ!

Catholic-Link does an annual end-of-year appeal in which we ask for your financial support, and this year we are asking you to prayerfully consider making a $25 donation ($1 a day for each day of Advent) to help us continue to create free content for your spiritual life. The content we offer is always free, but it isn’t free to make =)

We have a goal of 6k, and the great news is that 3k of our goal is in matching gifts. That’s right, we already have people who are willing to match donations up to 3k! That means, if you donate $25, it actually raises $50 towards our overall goal. The money we raise will go towards revamping the Catholic-Link website.

You may make your contribution by clicking on the donate button on our website (right at the top right of your current screen). Any and all contributions are welcome and please know we are genuinely so grateful for your suppor.

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