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Discipleship is key to evangelization. As Fr. George puts it, “Mass is where the meat is” and oftentimes this is a hard place for people to START their relationship with God. As a result, we need to be inviting people into a relationship with Christ and helping build their spiritual lives and bring them to the Sacraments.

The Need For Discipleship With Fr. George Elliott

This Youtube episode is full of practical tips and resources on how to start and lead a small group. Check out the resources for small groups and personal spiritual growth below!

BOOKS On Catholic Small Group Leadership

Discernment Do’s and Don’ts

An Introduction to the Devout Life

Ignatius Study Bible

Navarre Bible Commentary

A Mother’s Rule of Life

ONLINE Resources For Catholic Small Group Leadership

Free Catholic Bible Studies

Into the Breach by the Knights of Columbus

FOCUS Bible Studies

Exodus 90

Walking with Purpose Bible Studies

Blessed is She

Endow Studies

Hallow Prayer App: Try out this Catholic meditation app free for three months to grow in your spiritual life

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