Pro-Life Organizations That Go Above And Beyond

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Almost everyone in the Catholic world has heard of 40 Days for Life, but have you heard of Heroic Media? How about the John Paul II Life Center?Sundays for Life? Sidewalk Advocates for Life?

There are so many awesome pro-life organizations working for the most vulnerable in society, but these three organizations have found niches within the pro-life movement to help save babies and support the women who are carrying them!

Heroic Media: Reach, Connect, Save

Let me ask you a quick question: When you are looking for answers or need a recommendation, where is one of the first places you go?

Probably the internet.

Heroic Media enables pro-life individuals to sponsor Google advertisements that compete against ads from Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities.

Heroic Media’s ads redirect women away from abortion facilities, connecting them, instead, to pro-life pregnancy help centers Heroic Media qualifies, carefully selects and trains to receive phone calls from abortion-minded women. The organization is keenly aware that, far too often, women choose abortion simply because they don’t know that caring, capable help is available at a nearby pregnancy help center.

By being present online, Heroic Media has helped its pro-life benefactors reach hundreds of thousands of women facing unexpected pregnancies, connect those women with the help they need at pregnancy help centers, resulting in thousands of women changing their minds about getting an abortion, instead choosing life for their preborn babies. Heroic Media: Reach. Connect. Save.™

St. John Paul II Life Center

Speaking of pregnancy help centers, the JPII Life Center in Austin, Texas isn’t your typical pregnancy help center as they provide natural integrated OB-GYN healthcare, FertilityCare, and pregnancy help services for all women while honoring life.

The JPII Life Center offers free sonograms, pregnancy tests, pregnancy and parenting classes, and helps support the material needs of the women who walk through their doors.

What makes the JPII Life Center different is its association with the Vitae Clinic. The Vitae Clinic is under the umbrella of the JPII Life Center and offers gynecological and obstetric care at the highest level. The term “pro-life” spans beyond ending abortion and makes sure women and babies get the care that reflects their dignity and celebrates life in all circumstances.

Some impressive stats:

  • 365+ families have been affected by the pregnancy help services in 2019 alone.
  • Since opening, JPII has provided 1,050+ sonograms at no cost to women in crisis pregnancies
  • They have had 480+ clients attend parenting classes and have provided community education to 16,000+ participants
  • They have given out 15,700+ diapers in 2019
  • Through the Vitae Clinic, 4,500+ women have received OB/GYN care that respects their body, faith, and fertility
  • The Vitae doctors have helped 100+ couples diagnosed with infertility conceive and have healthy babies naturally.

Sunday’s for Life

Greta Thunberg has recently become a household name in her movement “Fridays for Future”. And regardless of your opinions on climate change or her particular style, one German couple took note of enthusiasm for saving the environment and applied it to the pro-life movement.

After hearing a homily from their auxiliary bishop, one German couple, Andreas and Alicia Duren, decided to found “Sundays for Life“. Although inspired by a homily during Mass, the organization is secular because pro-life issues span beyond religion, they are human issues (not merely religious).

The idea is pretty simple, walk every Sunday with a banner to make people think. According to Alicia Duren, the pro-life debate in Germany, and Europe as a whole, is pretty dead and often associated with being anti-woman.

Their goal is to get the conversation started again by being peacefully present in the center of town every Sunday and being open to conversation if people choose to approach them.

Human Life Action

While many pro-life organizations focus on providing direct support to the women who are in crisis pregnancy situations, Human Life Action focuses on the big legal picture.

The organization seeks to:

  • Enable the grassroots to advocate at the federal level for pro-life legislation;
  • Educate citizens about the need for a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution;
  • Create pro-life legislative networks to assist dioceses, state Catholic Conferences, and Catholic lay groups;
  • Work closely with the Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in support of their pro-life legislative agenda.

The organization hosts a podcast, various events, and also facilitates your communication with elected officials on the federal and local levels. Want to get involved a the grassroots level? This organization will help you do that!

What are the pro-life organizations in your local community? Let us know so we can create the largest directory of pro-life organizations!

Sidewalk Advocates for Life

We are all familiar with sidewalk counseling, but what training do most counselors receive? This is something Lauren Muzyka wanted to address.

After more than a decade praying in front of abortion facilities and speaking with abortion-vulnerable women, Lauren Muzyka decided she needed to expand her mission. In 2014 she founded Sidewalk Advocates for Life. SAFL trains, equips, and supports communities of sidewalk advocate volunteers who connect women entering abortion facilities with loving, affirming alternatives.

In just over five years, SAFL has trained thousands of advocates in a research-based approach to crisis intervention and together they have helped nearly 7,000 nearly women and families give life to their children – and that number is growing every day. For more information or to apply to start a Sidewalk Advocates for Life location for your local facility go to

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