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"God & Mystery of Evil"

God & Mystery of Evil

7 Truths About Exorcism and Exorcists

Frequently, while watching TV or when we go to the movies, we find that many of the stories told have…

God & Mystery of Evil

3 Movies About the Existence of the Devil (Especially for Nonbelievers)

It is said that one of the best strategies of the devil is to make us believe that he doesn’t…

Controversial Subjects

How to Handle an Inquisition About the Inquisition!

Have you been questioned about the Inquisition? Maybe it’s time we Catholics prepare ourselves to dismantle false premises, rather than…


Why Did Jesus Need to Wash Peter’s Feet? An Urgent Question for Any Christian Living in the World

Jesus comes to Peter to wash his feet. Peter says to him, “Lord, do you want to wash my feet?”…

Controversial Subjects

The 8 Stages of Genocide

During a special Mass held in 2015 to mark the centenary of the Armenian Genocide, the Holy Father referred to…

God & Mystery of Evil

“You will not have my hatred.” Letter to a Terrorist from a Man who Lost his Wife in The Attacks on Paris

There are times when the enormity of a situation and the emotions within it are so huge that it feels…

Faith & Life

6 Steps of Temptation that Neither Adam or Eve, nor You or I Completely Understand

Evil. What is the source of evil? For some, the answer is simple: the source of evil is the devil….

God & Mystery of Evil

5 Steps To Conquer Temptation

Overcoming sin and temptation involves learning to identify, process, and let go of disordered patterns of thinking, feeling, and desiring….

Simone Weil

Imaginary Evil is Romanic and Varied, Imaginary Good is Boring

Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; real good is…

St. Padre Pio

“The Rosary is THE weapon.”

“The Rosary is THE weapon.”

St. Pope John Paul II

Dear young people, do you not experience the reality of the Cross every day?

If the Cross is accepted, it generates salvation and brings peace, as is evidenced by the many beautiful testimonies given…