A New Transition And A Bright Future For Catholic Link

by Evangelization

So, I have some exciting news (maybe not that new of news if you are an avid social media follower): Catholic Link is now directed by Catholic CAST Media.


What does this mean?!

What will happen to our beloved Catholic Link?!

Will this new company come in and change everything?!

Okay, now, just take a second, take a few deep breaths, and don’t panic.

Although this transition may seem big and new, CAST decided to “take over” because we believe that Catholic Link is a GREAT resource for those involved in apostolates in the Church, and for personal spiritual growth.

We want to ensure this resource receives the resources it deserves not only to survive but to thrive!

So, back to the litany of questions…

This means that Catholic Link will continue to offer the great resources it has always offered (and more of them!), there are just more people behind the action, making sure we can keep up with the demand for content.

Over the past year and a half, Catholic Link has been searching for a new director and that created a slow down in content creation and funding, but all of that is being tackled one day at a time to ensure Catholic Link comes back better than ever.

Interested in learning about where Catholic Link has been?

Here’s a little review:

Catholic Link was born!

The first viral video put Catholic Link on the map!

Catholic Link starts averaging over 100k views on the website

Catholic Link starts the process of finding a new director…

May 15, 2019: CAST takes over Catholic Link! Woot!

Now, how about we meet the newest team members? Check out this video to meet me, Leslie Rodriguez, and Fr. George Elliott!





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