“One Small Step”: When will we decide to be saints?

by Faith & Life, Holiness, Spiritual Warfare

How many of us think that sainthood is impossible? “One small step” is a video made by Igniter Media that explains how we must take small steps to reach big goals. Obviously, conversion and sainthood imply many radical changes in our lives. Still, no one said that they would happen in a day.

Conversion is a path. A path with Christ which we are invited, as the apostles were, to walk day by day. Perhaps we don’t advance as we would like to, perhaps our steps are smaller than what we proudly hoped them to be; nevertheless, they make sure that the next one advances a little more and so on.

Let’s be clear: if we do not take the step within our reach today, we will never reach that “big one” of tomorrow, and will have lost, today, the chance to begin our path towards being a saint. You decide!

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