Resurrected Bodies, Predestination, And The Maniturgium

by Controversial Subjects

In this week’s video of Ask a Priest Anything, Fr. George Elliott tackles some big questions: Why will we be reunited with our bodies at the end of time, how can Catholics answer questions about predestination and do the mother’s of priests go straight to heaven when they die?

Resurrected Bodies

What is the point of being reunited with our bodies at the Second Coming? Well, this topic goes to the root of salvation and dives into God becoming man. Not only is this topic good to understand, it will also get you very pumped for heaven.


Calvinists believe God predestines a certain number of people for heaven, and thus also for hell. How can we respond to this as Catholics? Is it significant that some people are born into great Catholic families, while others have a horrible experience of the Faith? As if this wasn’t enough to discuss, Fr. Geroge also explains our role in helping others get to heaven (and the not-so-great consequences if we don’t evangelize as God is calling us).

The Maniturgium

At the end of a priest’s first Mass, they present their mother with the maniturgium, a cloth with the oil used to anoint her son’s hands at his ordination. There is a really touching story about this tradition that makes me tear up every time (check out the video to hear the full thing), but is this cloth her “ticket into heaven”?

As usual, there are actually many more questions discussed in this week’s episode, so make sure to check it out for some awesome Catholic conversation, and make sure to tune in each week at 3PM CST to ask Fr. George your question!

Check out the whole episode here!

Resurrected Bodies, Predestination, And Indulgences

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