Catholic-Link Expands To Video!

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Five years ago today, a group of three seminarians and two lay students in Rome started a podcast…

What does that have to do with anything?

Well, that podcast grew and grew and eventually became what is today, Catholic CAST Media, the organization that now owns and manages Catholic-Link English.

Other than podcasting, video is the bread and butter of CAST, and we have been working to add a video component to Catholic-Link for the past few months.

Today, we launch the first set of videos and we will be uploading new videos each week. We also have additional speakers lined up to launch new series on our YouTube channel throughout the year.

What is the mission of this new video component? The exact same as our website: to offer resources for the New Evangelization!

So, without further adieu, here is our newest series: Thicker Skins and Bigger Hearts with Drew and Katie Taylor!

Thicker Skins And Bigger Hearts

Check out the first three episodes in our new series: Thicker Skins, Bigger Hearts

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