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Sexuality and Chastity

Playing with Pornography: 6 Practical Steps to Help You Stop

Saint Pope John Paul II once made this memorable comment on Pornography, “the problem with pornography is not that it…


What Ashton Kutcher Said to Congress About the Horrors of Human Trafficking

Would you be shocked to learn that there are more souls ensnared in slavery today than in any previous moment…

Faith & Life

These 7 Saints Will Help You in Your Battle Against Porn

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to pornography, know that you are not alone. The…

Faith & Life

The Day I Told Jesus I Was A Porn Addict and How it Led to Freedom

I remember the day that I told Jesus I was a porn addict. I remember the fear. I remember my…

catholic marriage tips advice

Terry Crews Shares About Porn Addiction and the 90-day “Sex Fast” that Saved His Marriage

Terry Crews was born in Flint, Michigan, in 1968 and was drafted by the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams in 1991….

Sexuality and Chastity

How Many Clicks Does It Take to Enslave Her? The Relation Between Porn and Human Trafficking

Today’s video brings to light a horrifying and saddening subject, and it’s high time more of us speak out against…

russel brand
Morals & Values

Russell Brand Gets Real About Pornography

Another great video from a, Russell Brand, an actor/comedian with his own history of difficulties with pornography, lays out…

shades of grey

50 Things to Know About “50 Shades of Grey” And 4 Lies…Video

After selling more than 100 million copies in over 52 languages, the author of 50 Shades of Grey, E. L….