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Katie is a sophomore in college right outside of Boston and is studying Psychology and Film. She loves adventures, the outdoors, and any and all types of food especially chocolate and seafood (but not chocolate covered seafood). Her favorite book growing up was the BFG and really connected with the main character, the Big Friendly Giant.

Faith & Life

“So, what are you doing after you graduate?” – What to do if this question makes you nervous

What to do when this question, “So, what are you doing after you graduate?”, makes you a little nervous. When…

Dear College Freshmen: College Is About More Than An Education

Dear College Freshmen: College Is About More Than An Education

As you begin this new chapter of your life, it is important to firmly root yourself in the faith. College…


Is Chivalry Dead? Young Men Weigh In On The Question

Buzzfeed put together a video asking a group of men and women: is chivalry dead? There are mixed responses that…

video of the passion

A Powerful Video of the Passion: Have you experienced Christ’s gaze of love?

Easter is quickly approaching and in the remaining time in Lent we ask Our Lady to lead us to her…


Have you Ever Thought of Giving up Indifference for Lent?

Pope Francis invited us last Lent to give up our indifference and the message is still powerful today. This video…

singing nurse
Love and Friendship

This Nurse Sings to His Patients and the Result is a Beautiful Act of Love

Meet Jared Axen, Los Angeles’ “singing” nurse whose voice began to catch the attention of his patients when he was…

Ridgway Gary What Made This Serial Killer Break Down In Just Minutes?

What Made This Serial Killer Break Down In Just Minutes?

How powerful is forgiveness? How far can God’s mercy reach? Are we called to forgive what seems to be unforgivable?…

auto correct humanity
Love and Friendship

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e live in a world of instant gratification— we are so connected through technology, we are disconnected from reality. Prince…

Faith & Life

“Make Laughter a Common Place in Uncommon Places”

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ichael Jr. presents a video that outlines his overarching goal in his comedy career. He describes his big break that…

Is It Possible To Sustain A Relationship For More Than 4 Weeks Without Sex?

Let’s break this down. Elna Baker is a young Mormon woman who lives in New York. Her testimony of life…

self image enough

When Will The World Make Her Believe She’s Not Beautiful?

I recently had a conversation with a friend and we were trying to remember the age we began to feel…

catholic goals more to life

Is There More To Life Than Your #Goals?

Life is never stagnant. It moves us, even without our consent. But where are you going? What are you looking…

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