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What Does the Church Teach About Immigration and Border Walls?

It’s no secret that United States President Donald Trump is planning to implement stricter immigration policies during his term. One large…

Catholic Faith

10 Simple Ways to Bring Your Children Closer to God

Being parents makes us responsible not only for taking care of our children, but also for the spiritual education we…

History of the Church

(Quiz) Luther, the Reformation, and How to Respond to your Protestant Friends

Let’s start with the essential question: What was the Protestant Reformation? It was a religious movement that began at the…


Infographic: 5 facts about Mother Teresa you probably didn’t know

Catholic Church

If the Vatican Has so Much Money, Why Doesn’t It…? 7 Things To Know About the Finances of the Church

Like every good Catholic, surely you have had to explain the Pope, the Virginity of Mary, priestly celibacy, and refute the…

catholic wedding

Should You Get Married in the Church? 7 Couples Share Their Experience

With so many options nowadays, the humble church building can be the last place that is considered for a wedding….


10 messages from Pope Francis from his trip to Mexico


“I want a laity” (Blessed John Henry Newman)

“I want a laity, not arrogant, not rash in speech, not disputatious, but men [and women] who know their religion,…

Catholic Church

Never Forget: Action is Subordinated to Contemplation. Does Your Lifestyle Reflect that?

It is of the essence of the Church that she be both human and divine, visible and yet invisibly equipped,…

Fulton Sheen

“Christ said, not a single iota of the truth He gave was to be changed”

“Christ said, not a single iota of the truth He gave was to be changed, then by what right do…

St. Hippolytus Of Rome

“Fly to the Catholic Church! The Only Faith Exists from the Beginning”

Fly to the Catholic Church! Adhere to the only faith which continues to exist from the beginning, that faith which…

Take Heed to Have but one Eucharist as there is One Bishop

Take heed, then, to have but one Eucharist. For there is one flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ, and one…

Do I Really Need to Follow My Bishop? St. Ignatius Responds

Give heed to the bishop, that God may give heed to you. My soul is for theirs that are submissive…