Celebrating International Women’s Day: The Most Influential Catholic Women of our Times

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This March 8th, the world celebrates International Women´s Day. We celebrate the struggle of countless women whose efforts have secured for women of today the right to higher education, the right to vote, rights on the participation of the political life of the country, the right to decent working hours that give us time to attend to our families. All these struggles have given us possibilities to participate actively and in a fair way in the various realms of society as women.

On this occasion we want to introduce some of the most influential Catholic Women of our times. I hope that in them we can find the inspiration of the God and a guide that allows us to rediscover our true identity and female vocation, bringing the faith to all areas of our lives and put our gifts to the service of God.

Following this line we present 5 Catholic Women from today. They participate actively, each from her unique vocation, in the course of our world´s events. They show us that each of us is called to rescue and preserve our feminine identity as we carry the message of God out into the world in our daily lives.

The Church asks at the same time that these invaluable “manifestations of the Spirit” (cf. 1 Cor 12:4ff.), which with great generosity are poured forth upon the “daughters” of the eternal Jerusalem, may be attentively recognized and appreciated so that they may return for the common good of the Church and of humanity, especially in our times. Meditating on the biblical mystery of the “woman”, the Church prays that in this mystery all women may discover themselves and their “supreme vocation.Saint John Paul II. Mulieris Dignitatem

Happy International Women’s Day!


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