Let’s start with the essential question: What was the Protestant Reformation? It was a religious movement that began at the start of the 16th century. It caused a lasting rupture in the Catholic unity that had characterized the medieval western society. It also led to the birth of numerous denominations of the Christian faith.

In 1517, Martin Luther presented his 95 theses, which included his objection to the sale of indulgences by Pope Leo X.  He also introduced serious changes to official Church doctrine. Within a few years, regions such as present-day Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and France embraced their particular forms of Protestantism.

Considering the velocity with which this new doctrine spread and was rapidly accepted by entire cities, one must ask: Why did so many people abandon the Church that had treasured and transmitted Christ’s teaching for the last 1500 years?

While it is evidently an extremely complex matter, we will try to give you a head start with this brief quiz!

This quiz is a translation of the original written for Catholic-Link Spanish. Its information is based on the following sources:

  • La Reforma de Jean Delumeau. Historia general moderna (Tomo 1) de Vicens Vives.
  • Historia Moderna de M. B. Bennasar y otros.
  • Historia de la Iglesia de Joseph Lortz.