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Catholic Media

A Must-See Video For Husbands Whose Wives Find Mother’s Day Difficult

Though I’m blessed with five amazing children here with me on earth, I also have four beautiful children in heaven….

Mother's Day Giveaway - and Just Love PRints

Mother’s Day Giveaway + Our Best Mother’s Day Posts!

Does your mom deserve a prize? OR, maybe, the hardworking, self-sacrificing, constantly busy Mom who deserves a prize is YOU!…

Mother's Day
Faith & Life

7 Things Every Mom Needs to Hear on Mother’s Day

Most nights, although I’m exhausted at the end of the day,┬ábefore I can fall asleep I stay awake thinking of…

10 Saints and Blesseds Who Were Mothers

10 Saints Who Were Mothers

In today’s world, we are in need of women who model virtue and who embrace both the sacrifice and gifts…

A Face Only a Child Knows How to Love - Catholic Reflection on the True Beauty of Mothers
Catholic Faith

A Face Only a Child Knows How to Love – Reflection on the True Beauty of Mothers

Pandora recently released this very touching commercial that pulls at the heart of every mother. Watching it brings up a…

Faith & Life

Top Videos for Mother’s Day

Hello friends. I am happy to say that my pilgrimage on the Way of St. James was an extremely blessed…