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Hello friends. I am happy to say that my pilgrimage on the Way of St. James was an extremely blessed one. It was a moment to focus on what God is asking me in my life, on the ways that I can grow in holiness, and, above all, to thank Him for his love and the many gifts that he was given me. I highly recommend this experience! Now, in returning back to the daily rhythm and work on Catholic-Link.org, I would like to offer a selection of videos that I found that help us to understand and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day is a day for every human being to remember that we have been given more than we realize, we have been loved in ways which we tend to minimize or be unaware of. It is a day to ask ourselves: What do you have that you did not receive? (1 Cor 4:7). So many seeds were planted during those long nights comforting a crying child, those early mornings giving him the courage to take on the confusing world known as “school”, that constant determination to search for happiness in love and self-giving while asking for nothing in return. Motherhood is a wonderful school of Christian living! As a tribute and a “Thank you” card for all the maternal love that is shared every day, here goes the selection:

Also, I would highly recommend reading a reflection that Pope Francis offers on Mary and motherhood.

Thank you, Mom (Brief, creative “Thank you” to mom)

Mommy´s Special Day.

(A bit longer, the young girl draws and tells about her favorite activities with her mom.)

Why We Love Mom

Texting Mom

(Very clever!)

My Mom- The Skit Guys

(Amusing and moving video that shows the Mother´s presence through the life of the children.

History of Mother’s Day

Just like me

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