7 Things Every Mom Needs To Hear On Mother’s Day

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Most nights, although I’m exhausted at the end of the day, before I can fall asleep I stay awake thinking of all the things that I could have done differently as a mom. I replay the day in my head and inevitably hear the harsh sound of my own voice reprimanding my children. I should have been more patient and spoken to them with love… I wonder if I let them spend too much time playing Xbox and not enough time outside… I forgot to give them their vitamins…

Will they remember me as being impatient and constantly nagging? Did I listen to them enough? Did I hug them enough? Did I model the love of Jesus and lead them closer to God? 

Though Facebook and Pinterest might make it seem like I’m the only mother who has these worries, doubts, and insecurities about how I parent my children, the videos below allow us to see that many moms are struggling with the feeling that we fall short. Your own mom has most likely experienced these same questions and emotions. Why? Because she loves you so deeply and desires the best for you.

You might think that your mom has it all together because for your entire life she’s been the one that listens to you, cooks for you, finds your lost library books, and gives you hugs on the days you need it most. However, your amazing mom really does need to hear a few things from you about just how wonderful she is because she probably stays awake at night worrying about you and if she did everything she could to give you the best life possible. If you’ve never taken the time to speak these words to your mom, take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to show her how meaningful she is in your life.

7 Things Your Mom Needs to Hear on Mother’s Day

1. I love you.

St. Therese quote Mother's Day

2. I’m proud of you.

Mother's Day

3. I notice the sacrifices you make for me and the way that you serve our family.

Pope John Paul II Mother's Day Quote

4. God chose you to be my mom for a reason and you’ve done a good job raising me.

St. Catherine of Siena Quote Mother's Day Quote

5. You are beautiful.

St. Augustine Mother's Day Quote

6. Thank you.

Bible Quote Mother's Day Quote

7. I will pray for you.

Mother's Day Quote St. John Chrysostom

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