You’re Going To Want To Share This Song With Your Mom

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JJ Heller, a popular Christian recording artist, has released a beautiful song as a tribute to her mom and you’re going to want to share with your own mom this Mother’s Day. Too often we don’t realize what a gift our parents have been to us until we are living on our own or when we have kids of our own. It is then that we finally begin to understand the many sacrifices our moms and dads made for our benefit.

As you listen to this song, let the words be a prayer of thanks to God for the gift of your parents, especially your mom. Even if they made mistakes along the way, they have given you the gift of life.

Don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to tell your mom that you appreciate all that she has done for you. Give her a call today!

A Mother Like You | JJ Heller

A Mother Like You

By Brandon Heath, David Heller, and JJ Heller

You gave me a drawer in your kitchen

You gave me the room with a view of the yard

Whatever the hurt, you knew right where to kiss it

You gave me the best of your heart

And you carried my rocks in your pocket

Flowers and feathers and butterfly wings

You had an answer for all of my questions

You showed me wonderful things

I know that it hasn’t been easy

I hope that I love like you do

‘Cause I know that this world would be better

If everyone had a mother like you

You make the best macaroni

We never cared that it came from a box

The mom in the stands always clapping her hands

Started cheering and still haven’t stopped

And you held me when I came home crying

‘Cause someone said something that just wasn’t true

I always said that Janelle was my best friend

But really it’s always been you

I know that I haven’t been easy

I hope that I love like you do

‘Cause I know that this world would be better

If everyone had a mother like you

Our second was born in September

I still can’t believe I have kids of my own

I look in their eyes and I can’t help but wonder

Who will they be when they’re grown?

I know it won’t always be easy

I hope I can love like you do

‘Cause I know that my kids will be better

If they have a mother like you

If I am a mother like you

‘Cause I had a mother like you

Listen to JJ’s New Album I Dream of You (Volume II) –


Not only does this song help us to appreciate all that our own mothers have done for us, but it also helps those who are mothers themselves reflect on what it really means to be called “Mom”.

How have your own parents influenced your parenting style?

What will your son or daughter remember about you?

Do you see your role as a mom as a calling and a vocation?

How do you show your child the love of Jesus each and every day?

What are your greatest struggles as a mother?

What are your greatest blessings because of motherhood?

The life of a mom is full of sacrifice and hard work, but Christ is our model of what it means to give of oneself for the good of another. Learn to appreciate the many blessings and joys that come with the gift of motherhood. Offer each day to God and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your vocation.

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