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Each year it is incredible to see the creativity that the Holy Spirit lavishes on the artists, designers, authors, and entrepreneurs featured in the Catholic Christmas Gift Guide. This year’s Catholic Gifts for Women list is astounding. The beauty present in these products is to be marveled at. God has graciously blessed many with talents beyond understanding.

Catholic Christmas Gift Guide And Giveaway

Please support these small Catholic businesses and take the time to pray for their work. Use our coupon codes for Catholic gifts to save yourself some money too!

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Catholic Gifts For Women

This bundle includes the Modern Ceramic Advent Wreath, the 100% Beeswax Advent Candles, and the Come Be Our Light Match Box from the incredible Be A Heart collection. The traditional Advent candles you’re looking for — in elegant, muted pink and purple tones and made of 100% beeswax. These are 12” taper candles, unscented, with 100% cotton wicks and made of 100% beeswax.
Light them with each passing Sunday of Advent. Find yours HERE!

Each month is associated with a monthly devotional of the Catholic Church and a short prayer to go with each devotion (e.g. May is the monthly devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary)
With options to hang the calendar, or stand up on a desk or other surface, this calendar is perfect for anywhere in the home or office. Get yours HERE!

SoulCore began from a simple “yes” to an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Founded in monotheism, one true God, SoulCore is based in Christian meditation and encourages “filling” the mind & soul specifically with the life, virtues and Word of Christ.
A movement all its own, SoulCore is not affiliated with any other fitness disciplines. More specifically, it is not yoga, nor are yoga poses or Sanskrit referenced at any time. BONUS – Get a FREE 14 Day Trial when you visit SoulCore’s website HERE!
“O Jesus! on this day, you have fulfilled all my desires. From now on, near the Eucharist, I shall be able To sacrifice myself in silence, to wait for Heaven in peace. Keeping myself open to the rays of the Divine Host, In this furnace of love, I shall be consumed, And like a seraphim, Lord, I shall love You.” – St. Therese of Lisieux
House of Joppa offers an array of gorgeous items for your home and to wear. SHOP NOW!
Everything about The Little Catholic Box is wonderful and makes the perfect gift for Christmas or any occasion. The curated products are high-quality, beautiful items. View past boxes HERE and save 10% with code TLCB2022 through December 19.
Leanne Bowen’s desire to create and make are stirred from the need she sees for our culture to be touched and healed by beauty. How fully alive we become when we allow beauty to unfold in our lives! Find more of her beautiful products HERE.
When you see the “A” & “M” intertwined you may think: Ave Maria, latin for Hail Mary, the words of honor the angel Gabriel used to first address the Virgin at the Annunciation. However, the original meaning of this Marian symbol represents the latin phrase, “Auspice Maria,” meaning, “under the protection of Mary.”  Shop now and use code CATHOLICLINK15 to get 15% off your purchase!
My Saint My Hero prays that this bracelet encourages you to stand firm in your convictions, treat others with grace, and walk courageously in who God created you to be. They offer an incredible line of beautiful jewelry to inspire you in your faith. Spend some time shopping HERE!
Hallow also has praylists for Calm, Humility, and Joy, Minute Meditations for brief moments with God throughout your day, regular Litanies and Novenas, and meditations and prayers for Mental Health. Hear prayers and Bible Stories from your favorite Catholic speakers like Bishop Barron, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Fr. Mark-Mary, and enjoy Gospel readings from Jonathan Roumie and the #1 Bible in a Year Podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Hallow has so much content to bring you peace and into deeper relationship with God. Join Hallow’s #Pray25 Challenge this Advent to journey to Bethlehem with Mary. For free access to all of the meditations on Hallow, sign up HERE. Consider gifting a year-long premium subscription to a friend or family member!

This J. LILY candle highlights the seventh Beatitude in Matthew 5:9: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Remember the promises Christ has made for those who give and receive His peace whenever you light this candle. Featuring an intricate design created in North Carolina, this candle makes a unique aid to enrich your prayer life. This black glass candle is complete with a 90-hour burn time. 
Choose from four different scents: Midnight Mass, Roman Cathedral, Mary’s Garden, or Benediction. Shop HERE
Use Promo Code: LINKTOHOLINESS for 10% off! Order HERE!
Seeds for the Kingdom aims to make beautiful, modern, and meaningful Catholic jewelry pieces that will not only remind the wearer of the beauty of The Faith but also serve as an opportunity to evangelize and plant seeds of faith in those around them. 
The logo they chose is an image of a dandelion having its tiny seeds blown away by the wind because they believe that in like manner when we are authentic to who God made us and when we use our God-given talents for His glory, The Holy Spirit, with His soft and gentle breeze, will come and use it to plant the seeds of grace in others. Shop this lovely store HERE!
This quality sweatshirt is available in navy and white from sizes Small to 3XL. Ascension is a multimedia network and the leader in Catholic faith formation and digital content, nurturing the faith of over 10 million people in the past 20 years, including hundreds of thousands through The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)™ featuring Jeff CavinsThe Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) starts in January 2023. Purchase HERE!
This is the ideal planner to help a busy Catholic family stay organized and keep the important thing at the center—their faith. It is beautiful, practical, and faith-filled. Find this planner and more inspiring products from Ascension Press Here!
Find more great Catholic products HERE and save 10% with code TLCB2022 through December 19.
Natalie’s motto is, “glorifying Him one brush stroke at a time” and she truly does that through her incredible works of art. She says, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dreams, my family, but most importantly for loving Jesus as much as I do. He’s the real maker. I’m just here to share His message!” Shop her collection HERE.
 Fiat Lux founder Mo Bass is a middle school youth minister in Dallas Texas and runs this clay business on the side. She loves naming earrings after women in her life, offering prayers for them along each part of the earring making process. Browse her selection HERE!
Designed to inspire, Adoration from Carmel: Eucharistic Hymns features 16 tracks of both acapella and orchestral settings, all representing the music emanating from their community throughout the year, which flows from their daily prayer together. With their original angelic choir sound, the Sisters radiate peace and beauty through their hymns of Praise of God. This cozy and ethereal collection will be a timeless classic for years to come. Learn More Here!
Cedar House is home for unique, premium Catholic products made by individual creators, small family-run businesses, and communities of vowed religious men and women who support themselves by the work of their hands. From them, you’ll find candles, rosaries, Nativity displays, books, videos, devotionals, peanut butter, bath bombs, gourmet candy, all-natural jelly, and old-fashioned, hand-hammered leather—to name just a few. Find Holy Aromas in many scents and a collection of more outstanding Catholic gifts HERE!
This flour sack kitchen towel featuring hand-drawn artwork by Lindsay at Pen & Paint is meant to brighten your space!
Get yours HERE and save 10% with code TLCB2022.
Order Catholic Family Crate’s Card Deck HERE and use CATHOLICLINK20 from October 3, 2022, to December 31, 2022.
It’s good for 20% off the 1st month of a subscription OR  20% of anything in the store
catholic christmas gifts and giveaway
This prayer journal includes daily entries for: Scripture and reflection, Application to your life, Personal prayer. For every night: The Examen of St. Ignatius of Loyola with entries for gratitude, grace, review, repent and resolve. Journal pages with plenty of room to write. Bible verses and quotes from the Saints. Beautifully illustrated interiors and prayer spaces. The Catholic Prayer Journal also includes weekly pages for thanksgiving and petitions, a complete guide on how to pray the Rosary and 3 pages with novena tracker formats. Get yours HERE!
The mission of Sophia Institute Press is to provide substantive spiritual formation to help readers grow in holiness and in their knowledge of the Catholic Faith. In 2013, Sophia launched Sophia Institute for Teachers, an initiative that provides classroom teachers with the instructional materials and catechetical training they need to educate their students and prepare them to live their lives as active and faithful Catholics. Sophia also serves as a leading online source for Catholic community, devotions, and other spiritual and practical resources. Order this book HERE!
This beautiful, high quality 12×12″ print of Our Lady of Guadalupe was painted by Michigan, Catholic artist, Kristina Fahey. She hopes that the beauty and colors of this piece will help families, and especially children, to enter more deeply into the Liturgical season. As a Catholic artist, her passion is to allow the Holy Spirit to inspire and assist in her work. Ultimately, she desires to create beautiful, meaningful art for your sacred spaces, the sanctuaries you create for your families and children. Kristina is the wife of Paul and mom of 5, and she paints with watercolors at her kitchen table, right in the middle of the chaos of family life.  Use Discount Code: GRATEFUL – for 15% off any order! SHOP NOW!
Available in hardback with full-color sacred artwork. Order HERE from Ascension Press.
These cards were designed by Michigan, Catholic artist, Kristina Fahey. She created this collection to help families to enter more deeply into Liturgical living in the home and also because this style of art -the colors, symmetry, and symbols of our Faith, really speaks to her heart. As a Catholic artist, her passion is to allow the Holy Spirit to inspire and assist in her work. Ultimately, she desires to create beautiful, meaningful art for your sacred spaces, the sanctuaries you create for your families and children. Kristina is the wife of Paul and mom of 5 and paints with watercolors at her kitchen table right in the middle of the chaos of family life.  
Use Discount Code:  GRATEFUL – for 15% off any order! Find these beautiful cards HERE.
This chant, as sung acapella by the monks of Clear Creek Abbey, transports the listener to the sacred rhythm of the monastic liturgy in honor of Mary, with the musical language of Gregorian chant and of selections of polyphonic sacred choral music. Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey, located in Oklahoma, USA, is a young and vibrant monastic community dedicated to the contemplative praying of the sung liturgy. The richness of the Latin liturgical lyrics (which the music faithfully echoes) is available in English and French in the accompanying booklet, which also includes a musical commentary on the spirit of the pieces. Let the light of Advent and Christmas enter your heart and your home this year with Rorate Cœli: Marian Sounds of Advent by The Monks of Clear Creek. Order HERE!
“La vita e come una fotografia. Se sorridi, viene meglio” is Italian for “Life is like a photograph, if you smile, it’s better!” – That’s why Gloria & Praise started. They believe that all it takes is a smile and a deep devotion to the Lord to bring families and friends together. That’s why their mission is to spread the faith through meaningful and FUN family memories!
Use code CatholicLink-10 for 10% off your purchase through December 31!
Visit Dappled Light Doodles for some unique and beautiful Catholic products your family will love. Free shipping when you spend $35. Shop HERE!
Little Way Design Co. is a small design studio that Katerina runs with her husband and five children from their home located outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The mission of Little Way is to convey the truth of the Gospel graphically and powerfully in ways that words cannot. Use code CATHOLICLINK15 for 15% off Christmas tree Ornaments when you shop HERE!
(Expires 11/23 at 11:59PM EST)
Through the words and example of the Little Flower, you will find peace, joy, and security as you learn how to overcome disorder — whether physical, mental, or spiritual. St. Thérèse will help form you in single-mindedness to complete the ordinary with extraordinary, selfless love, and you’ll soon find yourself becoming intentional about making God the center of your life and your home. Order HERE!
This pattern was designed by The Little Rose Shop. Hidden amongst the florals you will find the words “arise” and “talitha koum” which when translated mean “little girl, arise.” Talitha koum were the words of Jesus when He raised a young girl from the dead found in Mark 5:21-43. 
With modesty in mind, dresses are designed to come below the knee and are available in sizes XX-small through XXX-large. SHOP HERE!
(Please note – the women’s dress is not included in the Giveaway. A child’s size dress will be included on the Children’s Gift list.)
At Faith and Fabric you’ll find gorgeous faith-filled quilt patterns, beginner sewing projects, Catholic fabrics, handmade gifts, and everything sewing in between. Owner Jen Frost loves creating iconic imagery through quilts and fabrics!
Use Code PREPARE  to save 15% off your entire order *and* receive free shipping! Shop HERE.
Sancta Nox: Christmas Matins from Bavaria by the Seminarians of Saint Peter Wigratzbad brings you a taste of heaven for your most deeply felt Christmas moments presented by a group hailing from the majestic Alps in Germany’s Bavaria region. ‘Tis the season to expand your playlist-enjoy this exquisite acapella Christmas repertoire! Take a listen HERE!

Make sure to shop Nichole’s shop in time to purchase one of her Advent sweatshirts! All purchases support Catholic school tuition for her children. SHOP HERE!
This beautiful, full-color, hardcover book includes a collection of original and traditional prayers and reflections from dozens of moms just like you. You might need “A Kitchen Sink Offering,” “The Nine Annoying Things Novena,” “The Rosary for Warriors,” or “A Birthday Prayer.”Or you might want to read about more traditional prayers such as the Angelus, the Jesus Prayer, or the Memorare. Ave Maria Press is a ministry of the Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers.
 Promo code: LINK22 for 25 percent off anything at Exclusions apply, including Together for LifeJoined by Grace components, AdoreRestoreBehold, Well-Read Mom books, boxes and kits, textbooks, bulk-price items, sale items.

Michelle, owner and creator of Common Thread Textiles, enjoys sharing her gifts and talents by creating Catholic-inspired totes and bags that allow women to carry their faith with them in everyday life. See her beautiful collection HERE!
Use Coupon Code: CATHOLICLINK 
For 15% OFF all Stickers, Window Clings, Digital Prints, Pins and Bookmarks. Available only during November 13-30. Be sure to check out the Holy Friends in Heaven line of stickers, prints, flash cards, plush dolls, and acrylic charms HER
Visit Dappled Light Doodles for some unique and beautiful Catholic products your family will love. Free shipping when you spend $35. Shop HERE!
Cedar House makers are passionate, exceptional people on a mission to share the Faith in new and interesting ways. They desire to be a blessing to the Church through the quality Catholic goods they provide. Take a look at the entire collection HERE!
Biggest sale of the year is from November 25th-November 29th. Save 30% off all apparel with the code “ADVENT22” plus all Rosaries, Socks, and Scapulars will be 15% off (no code needed). SHOP HERE!
“Know that even when you are in the kitchen, God moves amidst the pots and pans.”   —St. Teresa of Avila
 As with so many other arenas of life, our relationship with food has become compromised, cheapened, unhealthy, and robbed of its wholesomeness and purpose. As we slip more and more into moral poverty, we lose the sacramental nature of eating and the sense of community that comes from a good meal. The individuals featured in this work have spent a lifetime trying to turn back the tide of this downward spiral. They are farmers, ranchers, chefs, cooks, professors, authors, moms, dads, grandparents, priests. They have appeared on the Food Network, EWTN, and the Catholic Faith Network. They come from different regions—from Colorado to rural Virginia to the Louisiana Bayou—and from difficult cultures—Latino, Polish, Lebanese, Italian, Irish. It is a wide pallet of humanity. And yet, the one ingredient found in all of them is the Catholic faith. Their faith journeys are as myriad as their backgrounds and favorite dishes, but each of them call Holy Mother Church home. Order your copy HERE!
This quality glass cup is decorated with a vinyl sticker with a prayer to Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Perfect gift for iced coffee lovers! 10% off the entire order with code: PSLAM96
valid Nov 17, 2022 – Dec 12, 2022. Shop Now!
If you are looking for a brown scapular that can truly be worn at all times for a lifetime, this is the one we recommend. Save 10% with code TLCB2022 through December 19. Shop NOW to save!
Rep your state and your faith! 
Our authentically Catholic products blend the gift of the rosary with state and community pride.
Designed and printed in the USA! Use code CATHOLICLINK15 for 15% off. Find Your State HERE!

We are giving away FOUR Catholic Gift prize packages you don’t want to miss! Hundreds of dollars in Catholic products will go to our email subscribers. ENTER HERE

Catholic Christmas Gift Guide And Giveaway

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