We invite you to browse through our favorite gifts for Catholic men. Though we would love for you to WIN these gifts, we encourage you to purchase some as well. Remember, when you support these Catholic businesses you are helping Catholic families and ministries evangelize through their work. We thank each Catholic vendor featured on our Catholic-Link Gift Guide for donating their products for the Catholic Gift Giveaway.

Catholic Christmas Gift Guide And Giveaway

Best Catholic Men’s Gifts

The Catholic Card Game | All orders over $50 receive 10% off

catholic gifts game

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St. Joseph Socks | Sock Religious

Catholic socks catholic gifts catholic christmas gift guide
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Leanne Bowen | Use the code CATHOLICLINK for 15% off your entire order

Catholic gifts Catholic candle

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Classic Rock Shirt | That One Sheep

Catholic t-shirt That One Sheep Christmas Gift

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Holy Water Bottle | Reliquary Supply | Use Code CATHOLICLINK for 10% off

Catholic Holy Water Bottle Catholic Gift Confirmation
Taking inspiration from the liturgy of baptism, this beautiful bottle is a reminder of the gift of sacramental grace. A traditional counsel–the words “keep constantly filled”–and a prayer inspired by the humility of the saints encourage regular use and devotion.

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Patrons of Brewers Pint Glasses | Feast Day

Catholic gifts for men

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Holy Spirit Neck Tie | The Holy Rosary Team

Catholic mens gifts
Rosary Team, Family owned design shop, is committed to bringing to you quality products for Catholic Families, Homes, Parishes and Ministries. Style and message inspired in Icons of faith. Special devotion for the Holy Family. The path to holiness is found in living our ordinary family life with the Lord Jesus at the center of it all.

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Hand Made Rosary | Cedar House

catholic gifts for men
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The Rosary Card | Everyday Prayer Co. | Use Code CATHOLICLINK for 15% Off

rosary card catholic gifts

This business started about a year ago when I first sat down to learn the Rosary as part of Lenten penance. I had learned how powerful this prayer was (especially after watching Father Calloway’s talk) and wanted to learn it. As I memorized the prayers, I really got tired of carrying a bag of beads in my pocket – I try to carry as little as possible in my pockets – and started brainstorming a way to carry the Rosary in my wallet. I love how easy it is to carry this prayer tool, and always have it with you. Customers have shared how great it is for work breaks, walks, commutes, and even teaching kiddos how to pray the Rosary!

– Brennan, Founder of Everyday Prayer Co.

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St. Joseph And The Infant Jesus | Nichole Lanthier | CHRISTMASART for 15% off

Catholic men gift Christmas guide
Nichole Lanthier is a wife, mother of five, and accidental artist. She began her business in late 2018 after the rediscovery of old college art supplies and a nudge by the Holy Spirit. Her art pieces are created with the intent to encourage devotion and prayer, and are inspired by traditional Catholic art and modern Catholic family life. Nichole runs her art business out of her home in southern Louisiana—usually with a baby on her hip or at her feet.

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Catholic Beer Cozies | The Cozy Wife

Catholic men beer cozy
The Cozy Wife creates cozy items to help you live out your faith at home and on the go! Each item is hand crocheted and hand sewn. Shop boho-style keychains, cozy evergreens, soft rosary pouches, macrame-inspired bookmarks, and hand dyed farmhouse beads, as well as coffee, beer, and wine cozies. (Giveaway winner will receive one St. Michael Cozy.)

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St. Michael the Archangel Prayer Pillowcase | Use Code CatLink15 to save 15% on your order

Catholic men gift pillow

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St. Joseph Terror of Demons Tee | Totally Catholic Tees |

catholic men tee catholic gift
This Saint Joseph Tee takes on the saint’s more obscure title, Terror of Demons. On the front “Terror of Demons” and on the back, a wonderful graphic of Saint Joseph holding baby Jesus while stepping on a serpent. Our Terror of Demons Tee is on a durable, unisex Soft-washed Garment-Dyed Fabric.

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One Blessing For Him | My Saint My Hero

Catholic men bracelet gift
Wear this bracelet on your wrist to remind yourself that God has given you a mission to make the world a better place, and that you can choose to fulfill that mission by using your hands to do good.

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St. Joseph Sticker | Sock Religious

Catholic gifts for men

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St. Michael The Archangel Flag | The Holy Rosary Team

Catholic Men Gifts
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Saint Themed Hat | Kolbes Little Flowers

saint hats catholic men gift
(Giveaway winner wins one hat.)

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In St. Joseph’s Footsteps | Fr. Mark Toup

Catholic men book gift

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St. Joseph Tape Measure | Hardy Design Boutique | Use Code CATHOLICLINK10 for 10% Off

Catholic dad gift
Gorgeous tape measure for dads featuring a prayer for Saint Joseph’s intercession. The tape measure has easy-to-read markings down to 1/8th of an inch and has a magnetic tip, tough ABS outer shell, belt clip, thumb lock and hanging lanyard.

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1 year Hallow Plus Subscription 

Hallow Catholic gifts
Hallow is the #1 Catholic App in the world, downloaded over 1 million times and used to pray over 25 million times in 150 different countries! It is authentically Catholic and features more than 3,000 audio-guided prayers, meditations, Christian music, and audio Bible readings. Some of the content you can find on Hallow include a free daily Rosary, daily Gospel Lectio Divina, Daily Examen, and Daily Saint Meditation. Hallow also has praylists for Calm, Humility, and Joy, Minute Meditations for brief moments with God throughout your day, regular Litanies and Novenas, and meditations and prayers for Mental Health. Hear prayers and Bible Stories from your favorite Catholic speakers like Bishop Barron, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Fr. Mark-Mary, and enjoy Gospel readings from Jonathan Roumie and the #1 Bible in a Year Podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Hallow has so much content to bring you peace and into deeper relationship with God. Join Hallow’s #Pray25 Challenge this Advent to journey to Bethlehem with Mary. The #Pray25 Challenge features daily meditations bringing you into the story of Salvation with the woman who brought Christ into the world. For free access to all of the meditations on Hallow, sign up at hallow.com/catholiclinken

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J. R. R. Tolkien Puzzle | MaryvalePress

Puzzle Catholic man gift
Puzzle of J. R. R. Tolkien who was a devout Roman Catholic from boyhood, and he described The Lord of the Rings in particular as a fundamentally religious and Catholic work. 

There are dozens of saints and notable Catholics available in this series. All of the artwork is originally created for Maryvale Catholic Press by artists gathered from around the world.

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Pocket Saints | Gloria & Praise | Use code CatholicLink-10 for 10% off

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Monk’s Bread

Monks’ Bread and Monks’ Specialty Bakery are the delightful works of the Trappist monks of The Abbey of the Genesee in Western New York. Manual work is an integral part of Trappist life. Each monastic community must support itself by the work of its hands. The bakery supports the monastery’s primary mission, which is to pray for the world.  These delicious treats are sure to please anyone on your list this year!

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Catholic Gift Guide
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