What Saint Should You Ask For Help From Today?

What Saint Should You Ask For Help From Today?

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st. teresa of calcutta quotes

Top 10 St. Teresa of Calcutta Quotes of All Time

Many of us anticipated the day in which we could call our beloved Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  She lived her life as a witness to this generation of Catholics and was canonized by Pope Francis on September 4th, 2016.  Because of modern technology, we are have been able to have a more intimate […]

St. Peter leadership holiness

7 Times St. Peter Was An Absolute Boss

Just a couple of weeks ago, I attended my friend Sean’s ordination to the priesthood.  I was overwhelmed by just how beautiful the whole experience was, and I was struck by the eternal nature of the whole ceremony. They say that when you’re ordained a priest, you’re a priest forever (like for all eternity). This […]

quiz what should you be for halloween catholic

QUIZ: What Should You Be For Halloween? (And One Thing You Shouldn’t Be)

It’s that time of year again in which we are bombarded with Halloween costume ideas. Everyone is looking for the most creative, clever, and unique costume idea to show off to their friends and neighbors. We’ve decided to join in the fun, so we’ve created a personality quiz to help you decide what to dress […]

IHS Christogram What It Means St. Bernardine

Why St. Bernardine Created The IHS Christogram And What It Means

St. Bernardine – A St. Paul of the 15th Century St. Bernardine was from Siena, Italy and was ordained a Franciscan priest at the age of 24 in the year 1402. He took upon himself the poverty of the Franciscan Order and expressed an acute awareness for the needs of people of his time. He […]


The light of Bethlehem has never been extinguished (Benedict XVI)

“Where there is love, light shines forth in the world; where there is hatred, the world remains in darkness. In the stable of Bethlehem there appeared the great light which the world awaits. In that Child lying in the stable, God has shown his glory – the glory of love, which gives itself away, stripping […]

Ever Wondered What The Saints Looked Like As Children? 32 Pictures!

Ever Wondered What The Saints Looked Like As Children? 32 Photos Of Saints

Saints aren’t born saints, they are forged in fire. They all started small, very small. Like you or me, they were once babies, children. They cried, whined, spurted food in embarrassing ways, needed diaper changes, etc. They were fragile and vulnerable.   Their first experience of God’s infinite love was a very finite one: a […]

5 Patron Saints For Students

5 Patron Saints Every Student Needs To Know About!

Ever need help with your studies? For many students, there are times when motivation is hard and studying is full of stress. The Church has recognized certain people as saints, stating with confidence that they are in Heaven and able to intercede on our behalf before God. And there are many saints who are perfect […]

7 joys of St. Joseph Year Of St. Joseph

St. Joseph’s Seven Joys

Pope Francis has announced that this year (from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021) will be the Year of St. Joseph. The Holy Father explained why he made this decree in his Apostolic Letter PATRIS CORDE. “Now, one hundred and fifty years after his proclamation as Patron of the Catholic Church by Blessed Pius IX (8 December 1870), I would […]

St. Teresa of Jesus Women Doctors of the Church St. Teresa of Avila

Women Doctors Of The Church: St. Teresa Of Avila

Related content: Women Doctors Of The Church: St. Hildegard Of Bingen Women Doctors Of The Church: St. Therese Of Lisieux The Life, Prayer, And Writings Of St. Teresa Of Avila – Doctor Of The Church What Is Mental Prayer | St. Teresa of Avila Women Doctors Of The Church: St. Catherine Of Siena Our Lord […]


God invites us to the eternal Bethlehem (St. Josemaria Escriva)

“Look how gently the Lord invites us. His words have human warmth; they are the words of a person in love: “I have called you by your name. You are mine.” God, who is beauty and greatness and wisdom, declares that we are his, that we have been chosen as the object of his infinite […]


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