3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Purgatory

3 Things You probably Didn’t Know About Purgatory

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what is purgatory Catholic

Confused By Purgatory? Fr. Mike Schmitz Explains All!

Purgatory is one doctrine that gets a lot of criticism from non-Catholic Christians, and confuses Catholics too. What’s the deal with it?! Why do we need it, and where did it come from? This excellent video from Fr. Mike Schmitz at Ascension Presents cuts through the misconceptions surrounding Purgatory. He explains the purpose of Purgatory, shares […]

What Does The Minimalism Movement Have To Do With Purgatory

Do You Have Too Much Stuff? What The Minimalism Movement Has To Do With Purgatory

The minimalist movement is a refreshing trend in modern society. It’s a turning away from the mentality of Madonna’s “Material Girl” and turning towards a less wasteful, less consumerist mentality. Some are more extreme about it than others. This movement can manifest itself in the trendy tiny houses, getting rid of extra social media accounts, […]

St. Francis of Assisi Quote MassHow To Request A Mass Catholic

Want To Request A Mass? Here’s How

Throughout the month of November, we look for ways to honor our deceased family members and friends. One of the best ways to do this is to have a mass offered on their behalf. Why have a Mass offered? Simply put, it’s the greatest form of prayer we have available to us on earth. It’s […]

grief Catholic how to deal holidays

Coping With The Sting Of Death During A Season Of Joy

The death of a loved one leaves an indelible mark upon your heart, and forevermore there is something that you carry around with you; it can feel heavy, or dark, and it’s especially around festive periods that the loss can feel most prevalent. As families come together to celebrate, you become even more aware that […]

Do our souls go right to heaven or hell when we die?

Do Our Souls Go Straight To Heaven Or Hell When We Die?

St. Thomas Aquinas addresses this question in his Summa Theologica, and to reduce his nuanced arguments into one word – maybe. Thomas makes clear, in full accord with Scripture and Church teaching, that some souls do go straight to heaven or hell. Souls of those who die without any guilt or unpaid debt for even […]

is hell a real thing?

Is Hell For Real?

Related content: Do Our Souls Go Straight To Heaven Or Hell When We Die? Death, Judgment, Heaven & Hell: How Not To Ignore The Inevitable Who Goes to Heaven and Who Goes to Hell? St. Athenagora’s (177 A.D.) Did Early Christians Believe in Hell? St. Justin Martyr Responds The Rich Man, Lazarus, And The Hell […]

You're Dead. Now What? A Catholic Catechesis On The Afterlife

You’re Dead. Now What? A Catholic Catechesis On The Afterlife

Outside da Box releases a video dealing with the afterlife. While it’s not a very popular subject– that is when it isn’t being ridiculed  or reduced to a simply sentimental matter– how we understand the event called death and what follows after it is extremely important for how we live our lives here and now. What happens after […]


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