How To Choose A Patron Saint


How To Choose A Patron Saint

How To Choose A Patron Saint

Think about your vocation or state in life.

Think about your occupation or field of study.

Think about your hobbies or interests.

Think about your current life circumstances.


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st. maria goretti

St. Maria Goretti – One of Youngest Saints Shows Us How to Love and Forgive With a Pure Heart

Lifeteen presents another excellent and informative video on the life of St. Maria Goretti. Her pure heart and strength to forgive is a lesson for us all. She became a martyr at the young age of 12, which means that she is one of our youngest Saints. However, her wisdom extends far beyond her years. […]

Junipero Serra is one of the newest Saints in the Catholic Church. How much do you know about him? What can you learn from his life?

Who Is Junipero Serra? The Biography Of One Of Our Newest Saints

Who is Pope Francis’ new saint? Pope Francis recently canonized St. Junipero Serra, who he called “the evangelizer of the west”,  in January while on board Sri Lankan Air Flight on the way to Manila. Beatified by St. John Paul II in 1988, the 18th century missionary and Franciscan priest – who worked to defend the […]

Religious Orders Benedictines

6 Medieval Religious Orders That Came to the Rescue of the Church

In the history of the Church, the regular clergy, that is to say the communities that decide to live by a determined rule which dictates their religious practices, have been something like the Ecclesiastical body’s lung. The Church, although Holy, has had a need for correction in every age. Subordination to temporal powers, worldly corruption […]

Catholic Recipes

4 Catholic Recipes To Help You Stay On-Trend With Liturgical Living

Liturgical living is trending. Tradition is being reignited in unexpected ways, even meal planning. Since our primary meal was given to us at the Last Supper, we have been giving meals back. All across the universal Church, the faithful have spent the last 2000 years committing prayers of thanksgiving to memory and, more recently, writing […]

10 Saints and Blesseds Who Were Mothers

10 Saints Who Were Mothers

In today’s world, we are in need of women who model virtue and who embrace both the sacrifice and gifts of motherhood.  Thankfully, our Church is blessed with Saints who were mothers that inspire us to live out our vocation with holiness. There are Saints for single mothers, working mothers, spiritual mothers, and everything in between. […]

Christmas Mass Tips Covid

In The Fullness Of Time, The Fullness Of Divinity Appeared | St. Bernard Quote

“Behold, goodness and kindness has appeared, the humanity of God our Savior” (Tit 3,4 Vg). Thanks be to God, through whose mercy in this our pilgrimage, in this our banishment, in this our state of misery, has also greatly increased our consolation… Before his humanity appeared, his goodness remained hidden too. Of course, it existed […]

rhoda wise cause for canonization mother angelica

Rhoda Wise: The Woman Who Helped Mother Angelica Find Her Vocation

Most Catholics are very familiar with the beloved Mother Angelica, but few know the story behind her vocation.  Best known as the founder of Eternal Word Television Network, Mother Angelica impacted millions of lives with her quick-witted humor and profound love of Jesus.   Catholics everywhere mourned her death on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016.  […]

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Quotes Sacred Heart of Jesus

Special Agent Of The Sacred Heart: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

October 16th and 17th (in the post- and pre-conciliar liturgical calendars, respectively) mark the feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. It is from this beautiful saint that the Church and the world came to practice the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Under the care and formation of the Poor Clares from the age […]

Prolife Saints Zelie and Louis Martin

What We Can Learn About Being ProLife From Sts. Zelie And Louis Martin

St. Therese’s parents, as they are most commonly known, are incredible prolife witnesses. They didn’t found the March for Life or repeal laws or establish pregnancy crisis centers, which are all amazing ways to help protect and respect life from conception until a natural death. What Sts. Zelie and Louis Martin did do is live […]

Man Of God: The Powerful Story Of St. Nektarios Of Aegina

Man Of God: The Powerful Story Of St. Nektarios Of Aegina

The present situation in the world between Russia and Ukraine has brought to our attention many different saints that the western Church, that is, Roman Catholics, would have little familiarity. They could be saints associated with the Eastern Churches in communion with Rome like the Ukrainian Catholic Church or it could be saints associated with […]


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