How To Choose A Patron Saint


How To Choose A Patron Saint

How To Choose A Patron Saint

Think about your vocation or state in life.

Think about your occupation or field of study.

Think about your hobbies or interests.

Think about your current life circumstances.


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10 Things I Learned From Prince About Venerating The Saints

10 Ways Prince Fans Taught Me About The Veneration of Saints

In a society that doesn’t bat an eyelash when it comes to inaugurating “halls of fame” for the heroes of our age (musicians, actors, sports players, etc), why are Catholics looked upon with suspicion and ridicule when it comes to the veneration of the saints? Why is it that we cover our walls with of […]

10 saints with a bad past

10 Saints Who Prove God’s Grace Is Bigger Than Your Sin

Have you ever heard someone say, “My sin is too big for God to forgive”? Or, maybe you yourself even feel this way at times? This is a lie that the devil would like us to believe, but the truth is no one’s sin is bigger than God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness. He has immeasurable […]

Stations of the Cross by the Saints

The Stations of The Cross | Video Reflections From 3 Saints

Praying the Stations of the Cross is an important spiritual practice during the season of Lent. Meditating on the sufferings of Our Lord will help us to more fully experience the joy and the victory of Easter Sunday. If you’re not able to attend The Stations of the Cross at your Church, try setting aside […]

St. Francis of Assisi Preaching and quotes

The Bold, Childlike Preaching Of St. Francis Of Assisi

Sometimes he preached hard like a boxer’s jaw.  But sometimes he preached soft as the underside of a kitten’s paw.  And sometimes he preached so joyful it shone through the sweetness of his smile.  But sometimes he preached so soulful it stung through the salt of his tears.  But hard or soft, joyful or soulful,  St. Francis […]


Overcoming Temptation with Prayer and Patience

If a man tries to overcome temptations without prayer and patient endurance, he will become more entangled in them instead of driving them away. – St. Mark the Ascetic, On Spiritual Law Related content: The more you feed sin, the more it burns. More than rebuke, pray for your neighbor. It Is Impossible Without Prayer How Jesus Teaches […]

catholic religous orders 9 Images To Help Take The Confusion Out Of Identifying Religious Orders Of The Catholic Church

9 Images That Take The Confusion Out Of Identifying Religious Orders Of The Church

Do you ever get confused by the many religious orders that the Catholic Church has? Each individual order has their own particular character, or charism, attracting different people with the same common style of prayer, work and way of life. The religious orders are as rich and as varied as individual people are, meaning that […]

Arm of St. Francis Xavier

Find Out Where The “Other” Arm Of St. Francis Xavier Is Located

St. Francis Xavier, the missionary apostle who is the vanguard of the Church’s worldwide missionary outreach, served in a long tradition in the Church that reaches to present days.   The Arm Of St. Francis But Where Is His Other Arm? While many know of the famous left forearm of his, that has baptized thousands […]

St. Cyril And His Battle Against the Christological Controversies

St. Cyril And His Battle Against The Christological Controversies

The First Two Ecumenical Councils In this short article, we are going to look at a complicated and intricate controversy in the early Church pertaining to the nature of Christ Himself. First, we have to set the scene. In the year 381 AD, the Emperor Theodosius I convened all of the bishops in an ecumenical […]

Meaning of joy Archbishop Fulton Sheen Quote

What Does It Mean To Be Cheerful? | Archbishop Fulton Sheen Quote

“The cheerful person always sees in any present evil some prospective good; in pain he sees a Cross from which will issue a Resurrection; in trial, he finds correction and discipline and an opportunity to grow in wisdom; in sorrow, he gathers patience and resignation to the Will of God. Helping others is not only […]


A Social Network Christmas – is this the fastest way to spread the Good News?

The next video in the Advent Avalanche is Igniter Media’s Social Network Christmas, which uses a facebook-style format to tell the Christmas story through the news feeds of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah, with cameo appearances from the Emperor Augustus and three shepherds. As we know, Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of […]


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