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3 Ways To Support Women In a Post-Roe World

What Every Man Owes To Women In A Post-Roe World

Are you a man unsure of your place in the discussion surrounding reproductive rights? Do you feel like abortion and contraception are women’s issues and that you have no right to speak about other peoples’ bodies? Do you think that perhaps the best thing a man can do right now is to stand back and […]

pro-life roe v. wade overturn catholic

Roe v. Wade Overturned: Now The Hard Work Begins

There is a lot to say and a tremendous amount of apologetic materials to discuss the issue of abortion. However, the gravity of today requires some comment. The Supreme Court has Aborted Roe v. Wade Today, June 24, 2022 is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. How fitting then that the constitutional abomination […]

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How To Respond To School Shootings: Have Faith, Not Fear

“To our departed brothers and sisters… give kind admittance into your kingdom.  There we hope to enjoy forever the fullness of your glory, when you will wipe away every tear from our eyes.“ ~ paraphrased from Eucharistic Prayer III, Roman Missal, 3rd Edition English Translation, 2011. There were two days left in the school year.   […]

Pro-Life Strategy: Keep Focused, Stay On Target, Stick To The High Road

Pro-Life Strategy: Keep Focused, Stay On Target, Stick To The High Road

On May 2, a friend texted me a news alert claiming that a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court showed that a majority of justices were prepared to overturn the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that created a national entitlement to abortion. I’ll admit that my first reaction was to roll my eyes […]

I'm Personally Pro-Life, But Who Am I To Impose My Beliefs On Others

I’m Personally Pro-Life, But Who Am I To Impose My Beliefs On Others?

PRO-LIFERS WANT TO IMPOSE THEIR MORALITY ON  EVERYONE ELSE. THEY’RE JUST INTOLERANT.  WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OWN MORAL BELIEF SYSTEMS.  REBUTTAL  That’s nonsense. We all believe in imposing morality, and we do it every day. On critical moral issues—like  rape, child abuse, murder, or theft—we never rely on each individual’s personal moral code to best […]

Catholic Abortion Is Always Wrong. Here's Why...

Abortion Is Always Wrong. Here’s Why…

Related content: “I’m Not Pro-Murdering Babies”: Resources For A Catholic Response To Abortion 20 Things To Remember When Having A Conversation About Abortion 5 Lies Abortion Tells Us When It Is Legal 3 Poems to Reflect on as Ireland Votes on Its Abortion Laws A Teen’s Response To Teen Vogue’s “Abortion Gift Guide” How Does […]

What Does The Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Mean For The Pro-Life Movement?

What Does The Leaked Supreme Court Opinion Mean For The Pro-Life Movement?

On Monday evening, Americans were stunned to learn that a first draft of the majority opinion in the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization had been leaked to the public via Politico. The news was stunning for two reasons: first, because such a leak is entirely unprecedented. The Court strenuously protects its […]

A life with Down Syndrome is Worth Living!

21 People Who Prove That A Life With Down Syndrome Is Worth Living

It’s hard to believe that some people actually feel those with Down Syndrome are not as valuable as other people. There was never a doubt in my mind that those with special needs were just as human as the rest of us. Perhaps it was the kindness of my parents, the human dignity teachings I […]

Catholic review Butter the movie teen suicide

“Butter” The Movie Offers Us An Opportunity To Talk About Teen Suicide

Whenever I hear about teen suicide, my heart breaks for the family and community. I remember when I was in college seminary, there was a string of teenage suicides in Northeast Wisconsin, including in my own hometown. I didn’t know any of the families involved and that didn’t stop me from praying for the repose […]

Pro-life Rosary Catholic Prayer for Unborn

How To Pray A Pro-life Rosary

While praying the rosary, offer each mystery and meditate on these short introductory prayers based on the fruits of each mystery with a pro-life focus.  Pro-life Reflections For The Glorious Mysteries (Wednesdays and Sundays) 1.      The Resurrection: John 20:1-29 We pray this decade for the fruit of faith, that in the hearts of […]


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