The culture of death which is constantly pressing in upon us as Catholics, can feel threatening and be overwhelming.  It is important to fortify ourselves with good entertainment in order to prepare us to push back against this terrible culture and it is even more important to provide pro-life entertainment for our children which will firmly root them in their understanding of the value of life.  

24 Pro-Life Books to Read in 2024

Children’s Pro-life Books:

  1. Angel in the Waters – a beautiful story written by Regina Doman about an unborn baby with a special companion.  
  2. Love You Forever – Robert Munsch wrote this touching story of the love that exists between a mother and her son at both ends of life.  
  3. Rechenka’s Eggs – a lovely book written by Patricia Polacco that delightfully shows the value of life by the relationship that develops between an old woman and a goose that she rescues.  Added bonus for this book is that your kids will love to spot the Catholic iconography in the illustrations.  
  4. Horton Hears a Who! – a Dr. Seuss book with one of the most fun and life affirming characters of all time, an elephant named Horton.  
  5. Horton Hatches the Egg – Horton is back at it in this book and proves to be as caring towards life in this book as in the previous one.  
  6. You Were Loved Before You Were Born – this sweet book by Eve Bunting is sure to reiterate how valuable children are and how much they should be loved, even before they are born.  
  7. Nancy Tillman Books – you can’t go wrong with Nancy Tillman books as she so beautifully writes and illustrates books about the joy and love that comes with the life of children.  
  8. Pro-Life Kids! – a very straightforward book written by Bethany Bomberger intended to encourage children to stand up for the right to life.  
  9. When God Made You – your children will love reading this extra sweet book, written by Matthew Paul Turner about God’s role in the making of each one of us.   
  10.  No Foal Yet – not overtly pro-life but this book written by Jessie Haas about a young girl who eagerly awaits the birth of a new foal sweetly reminds us about the gift and joy of life.  
  11. When the Babies Came to Stay – Christine McDonnell writes a sweet book with lovely illustrations portraying the value of life and the beauty of adoption.  
  12.  ABC – Life in the Womb – an A to Z book written by Valerie Silva introduces children to terminology and knowledge regarding pregnancy and is a powerful testament to the beauty of God’s creation.  
  13.  When You Became You – this beautifully illustrated book written by Brooke Stanton educates children about the different stages of life and the value every individual holds at each stage.  

Pro-life Books for Older Children: 

  1.  The Giver – this book written by Lois Lowry is a powerful testament to the value of life and to the result of allowing evil to go unrestrained.   
  2.  The Hunger Games Series – Suzanne Collins writes this series about a tyrannical government that systemically dehumanizes the human person on the most basic levels.  

Pro-life Books for Adults:

  1.  The Anti-Mary Exposed – written by Carrie Gress, this book explores the idea of an anti-Mary spirit and its role in the destruction of lives with the onset of toxic femininity.   
  2.  Persuasive Pro-Life – Trent Horn is as effective of a writer as he is a speaker and this book is filled with necessary information on how to talk about pro-life issues.  
  3.  Subverted – Sue Ellen Browder shares her life experience in regards to contraception and abortion and reveals how they became parts of the women’s movement.
  4.  The Walls are Talking – former abortion clinic workers, including Abby Johnson share horrific stories of their time working in the abortion industry.   
  5.  Fighting for Life – written by activist Lila Rose, this book instructs us on how to become an activist for life and reveals that transformation begins with heartbreak.  
  6. Speaking for the Unborn: 30 Second Pro-life Rebuttals to Pre-Choice Arguments – Steven A. Christie answers many common arguments with short, easy-to-understand answers. Great to have for quick reference.

Church Documents:

  1.  Evangelium Vitae – this Papal encyclical written by Pope John Paul II in 1995 powerfully reaffirms the Church’s stance on life issues.   
  2.  Humanae Vitae – written in 1968, this Papal encyclical has proven to be almost prophetic as Pope Paul VI addresses contraception, sterilization, and abortion and their impending effects on society.  

The Ultimate Pro-Life book:

  1.  The Holy Bible – of course it impossible to find a more pro-life book than the Bible.  Scripture is filled with pro-life sentiments and the fact that God chose to become fully human as a baby in the womb shows the significant value of the unborn.  Jesus did not become a valuable human person when He was born, but rather when He was conceived within Mary’s womb.  So don’t fail to spend time reading the most life affirming text of all time and in doing so, be affirmed in the value of life: the lives of the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, each individual in the world around you, your children, your spouse, and even yourself.

What books would you add to this list?  

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