How To Pray A Pro-life Rosary

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While praying the rosary, offer each mystery and meditate on these short introductory prayers based on the fruits of each mystery with a pro-life focus. 

Pro-life Reflections For The Glorious Mysteries

(Wednesdays and Sundays)

1.      The Resurrection: John 20:1-29

We pray this decade for the fruit of faith, that in the hearts of those met with obstacles and absorbed in practicalities God may cast out doubts and show them the way that their life and the lives of those who depend on them, especially in putting matters of eternal life before matters of the world.

2.      The Ascension: Luke 24:36-53

As we pray this decade, we ask that hope fills the lives of all those who are in need of it, especially those in circumstances that face life or death decisions.

3.      Pentecost: Acts 2:1-41

Much like at Pentecost, we pray this decade with a charitable zeal for the Holy Spirit to gloriously surround them with wise counselors that advise based on God’s true Will. May we love and advise just as God would want.

4.      The Assumption of Mary into Heaven: Revelations/Apocalypse of John 11:19 & 12:1,5 & Matthew 27:52-53

Chosen by God to willingly be the Ark of the New Covenant, we pray that Mary, who was in a seemingly impossible situation, would become dear, close friends with those in need of her company. We ask that she cradles those who are ill, troubled, or unsupported, and whenever death arrives to anyone, whether untimely or timely, she intercedes on their behalf for a happy death by their hope of Heaven.

5.      The Coronation of Mary: Revelations/Apocalypse of John 2:10 & 12:1

Coronated as Queen of Heaven and Earth being that she is the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, may Mother Mary guide us to persevere for eternal happiness—not for the rewards of this world.

Pro-life Reflections For Joyful Mysteries

(Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays of Advent)

1.      The Annunciation: Luke 1:26-38 & Matthew 1:20-22

We ask that those in troublesome circumstances have the humility to serve those even more vulnerable than them, such as the ill or unborn.

2.      The Visitation: Luke 1:39-79

We ask that those who need support are surrounded by fraternal charity in expected and unexpected people or communities, and that the love of neighbor overshadows any evils attempting to trap or condemn.

3.      The Nativity: Luke 2:1-18 & Matthew 2:1-21

We pray that all may have their own births respected and be shown treated with dignity until the moment of their natural death. Rather than a hatred of children, we ask that people grow in love of poverty, detaching from things of the world by choice for the greater good that is God Himself.

4.      The Presentation: Luke 2:21-40

While we meditate on the presentation of the Lord at the temple, we ask that all are baptized in the name of the Trinity in obedience to Jesus’ command. May we follow our baptismal vows with purity of heart and encouraging others.

5.      Finding Jesus in the Temple: Luke 2:41-52

We pray that with the grace to follow the will of God we all remember to turn to prayer and seek wisdom in a highly decorated House of God, a little chapel, or a humble shrine. May piety grow in us and spread so that the whole world seeks God rather than worldly praise.

Pro-life Reflections For The Sorrowful Mysteries

(Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays of Lent)

1.      The Agony in the Garden: Matthew 26:56

Not all are conceived or raised in a just or merciful atmosphere. Some, far from it. May God grant that all come to know their own worth, the power of forgiving others and themselves, and have the strength to conform their own will with God’s.

2.      The Scourging at the Pillar: Matthew 27:26

It mortifies the world to think of mortification. The world wants comfort and rejects whatever may cause discomfort, but pure hearts seek goodness and truth despite discomfort in this world. May God grant pure hearts to those who have the purest of hearts, the unborn, in their care.

3.      The Crowning of Thorns: Matthew 27:27-31

Though the possibility of being mocked is very real, may we and those faced with difficult situations always have the courage to reject evil. The meek will inherit the world, says the Lord—not the ones the world usually tries to make heroes.  

4.      The Carrying of the Cross: Matthew 27:32

The gratification of our good choices is not always reached instantly. We need patience, especially with trials. Grant us the wisdom to know and practice the virue of patience when we need it, especially when it means seeking the right time to help someone along a difficult but good path to embracing life.

5.      The Crucifixion: Matthew 27:33-56

Passion is not a romance movie—it is to suffer for those whom we love. May we all know the sufferings we are given are not in vain and be filled with the spirit of self-denial in choosing good for others, especially when it comes to recognizing the human dignity of others from conception to natural death.

Pro-life Reflections For The Luminous Mysteries


1.      The Baptism of Our Lord: Matthew 3:14-17

Miracles still happen. We pray not only that everyone pre-born right now is safe physically but also that they are all allowed the gift of baptism. May the fruits of the Holy Spirit grow in each of us as we are drawn to care for the vulnerable.

2.      The Wedding at Cana: John 2:1-13

Like the intercession of saints who help us through our life, we pray that we can intercede for others and answer their prayers even if we never know how much we affected their life or the life of their unborn child. Let us help others heal.

3.      The Proclamation of the Kingdom: Mark 1:14-15

For all those who have made mistakes, been victims of violence, manipulated or oppressed others, or committed a sin against another, we ask forgiveness and that we may all have a spirit of repentance for the times we have turned away from God. Let us trust Him more and in everything, especially where the vulnerable are concerned.

4.      The Transfiguration: Matthew 17:1-8

No matter where we have come from, remind us all that we are capable of reaching heaven by Your grace. Let our desire for holiness solidify in our souls so that nothing can stop us from speaking up for those who don’t have a voice, including ourselves.

5.      The Last Supper: Matthew 26 & John 6

As we pray for active participation in the Mass and Adoration of Your Most Holy Body and Blood, we ask that the innocent lives of the unborn are saved, their mother comforted, and their families found, mended, or forgiven. We ask for an increased understanding of our bodies as Our Creator designed them and that women seek and teach others the truth of our feminine, life-giving gift while men respect and reaffirm that blessing.

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