24 Pro-Life Movies To Watch In 2024

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As the current modern culture inundates us with entertainment that degrades the human person in a wide variety of ways, it is more important than ever to spend time on entertainment that reinforces our pro-life values as Catholics.  

24 Pro-Life Movies to Watch in 2024

G and PG Rated Movies:

  1. Horton Hears a Who (G) – this silly and delightful animated film version of Dr. Seuss’ beloved book will give your family a few laughs as it reinforces the timeless idea that “a person’s a person no matter how small”.  The best thing about this movie is that not only does it reinforce pro-life values in a fun and simple way, it also demonstrates a beautiful example of forgiveness and redemption.
  2. Angela’s Christmas (G) – this sweet short Christmas movie has too many sweet moments to count but the overall theme of the movie is one that clearly values the gift of life and demonstrates a family’s faith in God. 
  3. Meet the Robinsons (G) – a fun movie depicting a family that forms due to the beauty of adoption.  This movie helps teach children from a young age that adoption is a beautiful and powerful way to make or grow a family.  
  4. The Boss Baby (PG) – this movie is all about family and does a beautiful and fun job of expressing the value of family and of children (and what could be more pro-life than that?).    
  5. Despicable Me (PG) – while on the surface one might question this as a pro-life movie, it is another example of the beauty of adoption and the life changing love that occurs with parenthood.
  6. Storks (PG) – this fun and adventurous movie shows how much parents value the life of children and how much they are willing to sacrifice for them.  
  7. August Rush (PG) – this movie about a family that was forced to separate when a young mom gets pregnant unexpectedly demonstrates the power of the bond created between parents and their children.    

PG-13 Rated Movies:

  1. The Peanut Butter Falcon – this excellent movie depicts the bond that forms between a man on the run and another young man with Down syndrome who is also on the run.  Knowing that the population with Down syndrome is directly targeted by the abortion business, it is touching to watch a story that so clearly shows the value of this targeted population.
  2. Bella – one day is all it takes to change a life and no movie better demonstrates that fact than Bella.  A man and woman who are practically strangers spend the day together as the woman contemplates having an abortion and by doing so, he changes her life and that of her unborn child.  
  3.  October Baby – a young woman struggling with health issues, searches for her birth mother only to find out along the way that her life and her health issues are the result of a failed abortion. This movie excellently exposes the horrors of abortion while also showing the importance of offering mercy and the opportunity for redemption for those who have participated in an abortion.   
  4.  Juno – a teenager discovers that she is pregnant and plans to have an abortion but upon encountering a young woman outside the abortion clinic who informs her that her baby already has fingernails, she decides to find a family to adopt her unborn baby.  This movie shows us the value of adoption, a supportive family, and of speaking out about the value of life.    
  5.  Where Hope Grows – another movie that depicts the value of people with Down syndrome, this is the story of a man whose life is in turmoil due to addiction and the positive changes that take place in his life when he befriends a young man with Down syndrome.  Reinforcing the value of this targeted population is so important.    
  6.  Roe V. Wade – having an understanding of how the abortion laws that made abortion legal in all 50 states in 1973 came to be is eye-opening and will give us some of the knowledge we need to continue the fight against abortion laws in our states, our country, and around the world.    
  7.  The Giver – this movie will challenge the viewer with the startling reality of what happens when we accept evil acts as a normal part of society.  One of the few movies that depicts and challenges the main stream cultural view of euthanasia and shows how far it can be taken.      
  8.  Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer – a truly disturbing movie that accurately portrays the evil within the abortion industry portraying the story of abortion doctor and serial killer, Kermit Gosnell.   
  9.  Where the Heart Is – a sweet story of a young mother who has a baby in less than ideal circumstances and shows how wonderful life can be even when it doesn’t go as planned.   
  10.  Allison’s Choice – this sweet, though slightly cheesy movie, is about a young mother’s morning at an abortion clinic and the characters she meets (including one very unexpected character) who help her on her journey towards choosing life for her unborn child.  
  11.  The Forgotten – this movie is a thrill ride as a mother fights for the memory of her dead son alongside a father who reclaims the memory of his dead daughter.  With several unexpected twists and turns, the most powerful part of the movie is when the main character powerfully declares that she once had life within her.
  12.  Waitress – this funny and enjoyable movie tells the story of an unhappy pregnant waitress who is in a terrible marriage and who chooses to keep her baby in spite of that fact.  
  13.  Arrival – this sci-fi film has an unexpected and welcome pro-life undertone.  While attempting to communicate with an unknown alien species, a woman reiterates the value of human life and demonstrates that our children are worth all the difficulties we may face with them in our lives.  
  14.  A Quiet Place – an edge of your seat movie that tells the story of a family who is struggling to survive in a post-alien invaded world.  The impending birth of their unborn child poses serious risks to their family and yet they are determined to find a way to keep all of their family safe…even the unborn child.  

R Rated Movies:

  1.  Unplanned – this movie is based on the real life experiences of Abby Johnson who is a former abortion clinic worker.  It tells her story as she begins to understand the horrors of what abortion truly is.  
  2.  Love, Rosie – a sweet movie about a young man and a young woman who are friends and plan to attend college together overseas until she realizes that she is pregnant and wants to keep her baby.  The movie shows their journeys towards each other over the course of many years.  
  3.  Children of Men – this movie depicts a grim future where civilization is collapsing due to the fact that women are no longer getting pregnant.  When a young woman who is pregnant is discovered, the attempts to keep her and her baby safe lead to danger and sacrifice for all those involved and depicts the value of unborn human life.    

What movies would you add to this list?

*Please be aware that though these movies all have pro-life themes to them, they may contain content that you might find inappropriate.  Please check on the content of these movies prior to watching them in order to keep your family and yourself safe from viewing content that you may find objectionable or find to be a near temptation of sin.  

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