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Originally from Ecuador, Jackeline is 18 and is now studying at the University of Southern Indiana. She looks to focus on Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. She loves the beach and enjoys spending her time helping those with mental disabilities.

catholic colleges and catholic universities
Faith & Life

18 Catholic Colleges that are Proud to be Catholic!

At this time of year, many are headed to college for the first time and others are just beginning the…


Pope Francis Tells Youth “Never let go of Jesus’ hand.”

Go big or go home? We all dream to go big. As Christian youth, we dream to someday become saints…

Christ in the City

Watch this powerful video about Christ in the City

On a recent trip to Denver, I was blessed  by the hospitality of some Christ in the City missionaries. I…

Apps for Catholics
Catholic Media

15 Must Have Apps for Catholics

Today we see a reality we cannot deny: our mobile devices are part of our routine. Whether to text with…

divine communion

The Divine Communion

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI called the Church to prioritize: “Leading men and women to GOD, the GOD who speaks in…

Down Syndrome
Love and Friendship

“Just Like You”: A Look at Our Attitude Towards Down Syndrome

Today’s video talks about persons of special needs, and gives us some interesting facts. It invites us to recognize and…


5 Weak Virtues that Make People Great

David Brooks, famous columnist for the New York Times, a Yale University Professor, and a Jew, set out to write…

does God exsist
Faith & Science

The Cosmological Argument: Does God exist? What does science have to say?

This video deals with the Kalam Cosmological Argument. It seeks to present certain results from scientific research that help to…


Sweatshop, Deadly Fashion: What lies behind this industry

Frida, Ludvig and Anniken are 3 young Norwegians who love fashion, avidly following the latest trends. Their closets are full…

Love and Friendship

What Would You Write to a Child on his First Day Here?

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew…

wait until marriage

Wait Until Marriage? Yes, It Is Full Of Joy!

Nowadays, waiting to have sex until marriage is an “out-of-date” idea, but as the video explains, there is a deeper…


Ever Wondered How to Break a Bad Habit? Lent is a Wonderful Time to Find Out!

Man finds his perfection “in seeking and loving what is true and good” – Catechism of the Catholic Church #…

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