“Just Like You”: A Look At Our Attitude Towards Down Syndrome

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Today’s video talks about persons of special needs, and gives us some interesting facts. It invites us to recognize and overcome certain stereotypes that prevent us from discovering the beauty and dignity of those with Down Syndrome. What’s more, in better understanding their condition and how they see things, we will be able to draw closer and form true friendships. Each one of us reflects the perfection and love of God. At the moment of his death, Jesus didn’t just die for me, but for each one of us. It is only in His infinite love that we can understand what truly universal and human love means.

As a community seeking sanctity, God has given us a command that we must not forget, regardless of circumstances: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” – John 13:34. Consequently, it is our obligation to try to understand people. For example, after this video I would like to remark that understanding certain characteristics of people with special needs will allow us to not only help them better but to love them as God commands.

It is true that special needs people need more time and patience, but they are working hard. In fact, with assistance, they can do great things. They are capable of highly skilled work, as competent, even more competent, as you and me. The point is that, as Christians, we must recognize the gifts they have from God, and we must value their dignity. It is not about how much a person can do but how much he or she can help with the plans of God. Thus, we know that while we are alive on the earth, God has an important mission for each of us.

Just Like You – Down Syndrome

Sometimes it can be crazy how this secular society segregates people with special needs, with an attitude that says they are “not productive.” Therefore, it is important to recognize this tendency and remember the value that we have because of God’s grace. Personally, I’m completely sure that Jesus would die again, even for one, solitary person. So?  It is important to treat fairly and gently our brothers and sisters with special needs, and to try to see them with the same eyes that God has for us.

“In fact, men cannot by nature be superior to others since all enjoy an equal natural dignity”Pacem in Terris, 89

The dignity of every human being is to have the opportunity to be a saint. It means that each of us has the right to be completely happy according to God’s will. Thus, the first step we can take is defend the right to life, which implies an inherent defense of other rights which enable people with special needs to achieve the fullest measure of personal development of skills and rights. These include the right to equal opportunity in education, in employment, religious advice, as well as the right to free access to facilities and services. To help them is a privilege and an opportunity, as well as a duty.

Together, we must protect the rights and dignity of people who are vulnerable because they were created in the same image and likeness of God.

In a secular culture where our idea of perfection is based on material and physical possessions, the church (that is, you and I) must protect the little ones. A blind-eye attitude is not what we should have. Thus, we must work together to understand the situation of special needs people, get involved with them and include them in society. A good attitude from society is to look at people with special needs as complete human beings with feelings, souls, and the utmost dignity and beauty. Together, we must protect the rights and dignity of people who are vulnerable because they were created in the same image and likeness of God.

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