15 Must Have Apps for Catholics

by Catholic Media

Today we see a reality we cannot deny: our mobile devices are part of our routine. Whether to text with a friend, check our email, reply to a comment on a social network or revise our To-Do list, we check our screens about 1500 times per week. That amounts to about 24-hours of screen time every week!

We have been thinking about the amount of time that we’re spending on technology, and we want to propose some Outstanding Initiatives that will help you to grow closer to God by using your devices.

Sure, there are urgent matters and communications that we conduct via electronic devices (check issues, study exams, email your teacher or boss) but leaving these aside, why we do not start using our smartphones and tablets to more actively live out our Christian life? Are we giving our time to the Lord, or are we watching funny Vine videos, reading a Tweet, or clicking on Instagram pictures? We all know that those things are fun, but imagine the value of also using our devices to grow if faith!

This time we present not one project, but ten digital initiatives (apps) that can help us as Catholics to grow in our faith every day, anywhere we might be, through our mobile devices. These include applications that present various ways of living the faith, including mental prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, information portals and other resources that will make our 1500 screen-checks more salutary to our souls – that is, more beneficial and more holy.

Top 15 Apps for Catholics:

What App would you add to our list?

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