30 Things Catholics Need For Spiritual Survival

by Faith & Life, June

30 Things Needed For Catholic Spiritual Survival

What Do Catholics Need For Spiritual Survival?

  1. A Crucifix in every room
  2. Rosary for every family member
  3. Pray the rosary daily
  4. Beeswax candles
  5. Holy Water frequently sprinkled and available for blessing
  6. St. Benedict medals worn and placed around one’s home and property, expecially over windows and doors
  7. The use of blessed salt
  8. Wearing of the Brown Scapular
  9. Invoking St. Michael the Archangel with his image and prayer
  10. Having your house blessed
  11. Daily prayer in the home, preferable as a family
  12. Regular confession
  13. Eucharistic Adoration (take your concerns to the Lord)
  14. Develop a closer relationship with your Holy Guardian Angel and all the Holy Angels
  15. Stop worrying about souls not living the faith. Pray for them with the confidence and trust of a child. Our God will come through, even if it’s their last breath. Entrust them to Him and Our Blessed Mother
  16. Believe. Trust. Pray. Make reparation. Do penance. Practice charity. Serve others. So there is no room for anxiety.
  17. Keep your eye on the goal, which is Heaven.
  18. Holy Bible for every family member and read it daily
  19. Statues and Holy Images of Mary and the Saints
  20. Miraculous Medal
  21. Images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a prominant location in the home
  22. Consecreation of the home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  23. Daily holy, faithful and inspirational reading
  24. Liturgical calendar and/or journal to connect on a daily basis with the saints and feast days of the Church
  25. Elimating from the house ungodly reading, games, videos, language, music, tv shows, etc.
  26. Make your home a Catholic home. Make your home a reflection of your faith. Act in your home as you would if Jesu and Mary were there with you and yours.
  27. Take one day at a time. We already know the outcome. God will prevail. The Immaculate Hear of Mary will triumph. THe gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. Nothing in this world lasts forever. This too will pass.
  28. He leadth us. His Mother guides us. Each day we pick up our cross and take it step by step.
  29. Persevere with faith and trust.
  30. Have all religious items blessed by a priest.
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