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39 Things 18-39 Year-Olds Should Consider Giving Up For Lent

Pete Burak, director of i.d.916 gives a quick rundown of some creative ideas for young adults to think about giving up…

quiz what should you be for halloween catholic
Faith & Life

QUIZ: What Should You Be For Halloween? (And One Thing You Shouldn’t Be)

It’s that time of year again in which we are bombarded with Halloween costume ideas. Everyone is looking for the…

where are the apostles now

QUIZ: What Happened To The Apostles And Where Do They Rest Now?

You and I know it. We have been sent by Jesus, we have a mission and the noun that best…

Lent Resources To Help You Grow Closer to God
Faith & Life

Which Lent Resource Is Best For You? Possible Quiz Results

Did you take our What Lent Resource Is Best For You Quiz? Interested to see what your results could have…

catholic advice from the saints
Faith & Life

(Quiz) Which Saint Will “Get” Your Problems?

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who has been through some of the same trials, struggles and situations…

do you need to go to Mass quiz

QUIZ: Is It A Sin To Skip Mass On A Holy Day Of Obligation?

Each time I hear the phrase “Holy Day of Obligation,” I cringe just a little. Not because I don’t want…

How Much Do You Know About New Age Quiz Catholic

How Much Do You Know About The New Age? (Quiz)

We have designed a quiz that aims to invite our readers to reflect on how an ideology Catholics know is…

catholic advent quiz

Can You Ace An Advent Quiz Designed For Catholic Kids?

Many of us have been taking part in Advent activities since we were young children. Traditions such as the Advent…

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