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Luisa is a journalist from Colombia. She is also consecrated laywomen in the Marian Community of Reconciliation.

5 Ways To Be Mad At God & Open Up To Him In Prayer

5 Ways To Be Mad At God & Open Up To Him In Prayer

I frequently get mad at God (maybe more than I should?… I don’t know whether there’s a reasonable limit to…

saint friendships
Love and Friendship

10 Saints Who Were Friends Teach Us The Meaning Of Friendship

These Saints who were friends discovered that the experience of authentic friendship is a real treasure. It is, as Elredo…

Lent Advice
Faith & Life

12 Pieces of Advice that Revolutionized My Lent

This post aims to compile some of the reflections the Lord has given me during a retreat I lived not…

Love Stories
Existence of God

Does God intervene in Love Stories? (A Providential Animation)

God’s ways are always surprising. You don’t need to be overly pious to realize how reality is like a fine…


A Letter to God from a Dying Priest

José Luis Martín Descalzo is a priest, a journalist, and a Spanish writer from a profoundly Christian family in which…

(QUIZ) What Medieval Times Religious Order Would You Belong To?

(QUIZ) What Medieval Times Religious Order Would You Belong To?

Many of us have heard of the great feats accomplished by the knights and saints in medieval times, perhaps certain…


6 Unforgettable Pieces of Advice from Pope Francis to Families

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States concluded just a few days ago. There, he left us with a series…

gifts of the holy spirit

7 Daily Situations To Ask For The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been given to us as a gift, yet few of us choose to use it.  Sometimes…

Desire for Infinity

(Quiz) Discover What Saint Would Like to be Your Friend!

What’s the greatest part about being friends with the saints? It reminds us that the saints were normal people just like…

Feast of the Annunciation

7 Attitudes that the Virgin Mary Teaches Us on the Feast of the Annunciation

Today, the Feast of the Annunciation, we are celebrating Mary, celebrating her yes, that yes which opened the world to…

Catholic Church

(QUIZ) What Bible Character Are You?

When reading Holy Scripture, we can’t help but discover certain traits in the various characters of the bible that we…

Faith & Life

15 Simple Acts of Charity that We Frequently Forget

Advent is now upon us and, rejoicing in and living out the words of Pope Francis, we’ve assembled a list of…

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