Quiz: Which Saint Will “Get” Your Problems?

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Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who has been through some of the same trials, struggles and situations in life that you are currently facing? It always seems to help to speak with a person who “gets” it. The advice and empathy they give is unlike anyone else’s because they know exactly what we are going through.

God has given us real-life examples of men and women who lived here on Earth and dealt with many of the same circumstances that we face. Problems with finances, relationships, health, and other trials were not uncommon to the Saints. Just like you and I, they learned how to persevere through the difficulties of life. We can learn from the Saints’ experiences by asking for their intercession and learning more about the lives they lived. The Saints who have gone before us can offer us wisdom and insight into our spiritual difficulties as well as the situations we find ourselves in through day to day living.

It has been said that we don’t find the Saints, they find us. Take this Saint Quiz to see who will find you today! Don’t forget to share the name of the Saint you get in the comments.

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