Give me your fear and I´ll give you peace. This is the thought which came to my mind after having seen this beautiful video on the sacrament of reconciliation. We are all sinners, all of us need forgiveness, we have all felt in our hearts the weight of our faults and the fear of going to confession. But this video helps us to remember how simple, and at the same time welcoming, it is to attend the sacrament of reconciliation.

I Confess

This is the deal: we give our fear, the sadness caused by our faults, our embarrassment, our pain, and Jesus returns to us the peace of mind and heart which can only come from an encounter with the love of God.

For all of those whom are still afraid to go to confession, or to whose whom are stopped by false ideas which fill the mind of the young person in the video, let us remember that confession is none other than an overflowing of mercy, a loving embrace from the Father, an experience of returning home to the Heart of Jesus.

Let us ask the Lord for his help, so that in these days of Lent we may visit this sacrament with a truly repentant heart, and deeply encounter his real presence which is manifested in the forgiveness of our sins. Walking this path we can discover the source of renewal and continue with the firm intention to strive to be more like Him each day. Let us repeat the words of the antiphon which was suggested by Pope Francis: “Grant us a heart like yours Lord.”

Traslated by: Sean Rodgers.