Pope Francis Minute: “The Recipe for a Happy Family”

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What can a Pope teach us about family life? Pope Francis took the opportunity to share about the hope provided to all families through Christ Jesus while he was visiting Ecuador this past summer.  Drawing wisdom from the Wedding at Cana in which Jesus preformed his first miracle at the request of His mother,  Pope Francis offers insight and wisdom into the daily struggles that all families face. 

This edition of  The Pope Francis Minute provides viewers with the instructions needed to be a happy family.  The joy of family life can be a great witness to a culture  longing for the peace that only comes in knowing the Lord.  Grab a pen and paper because you will want to take notes on what the Pope has to say in this video.   There are more than a few great sayings you will want to post on your refrigerator or mirror to remind you of the beauty of our trials and that “the best wine is yet to come”. 

We now present the newest episode of  the  “Pope Francis Minute”, Catholic Link’s animated series on the teachings of Pope Francis.   The events portrayed in the series are fictional events based on the wisdom of our Holy Father.

If you might be interested in supporting this series (your names will appear in the credits of each episode), you can make a donation by visiting our Support US page.  It doesn’t matter the amount, every little bit helps:  https://catholic-link.org/support-us/   Thank you in advance for supporting this ministry!

We would love to hear your tips on creating a joy filled home as well as your thoughts on this video series.  Please leave us your feedback in the comments below! 


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