What Happens When God Knocks On The Door Of Her Heart

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Through the productions of Onebillionstories.com, Shaina Stein speaks about her experience in giving her life to God and trusting him with her future.

Onebillionstories.com is a Catholic ministry founded by Seth DeMoor. Soon after college, Seth bicycled 2,400 miles across the U.S., video interviewing testimonies as he went, and thus giving birth to Onebillionstories.com.

Shaina was a member of the brand new missionary program, Christ in the City. This Catholic year-long missionary program was founded just a few years ago in Colorado by Yvonne Noggle. Standing on the three pillars of charitable, spiritual, and intellectual formation, Christ in the City focuses on transforming enthusiastically Christian youth into informed Catholics with an adult faith and a lifelong attitude of service.

From Jewish Roots To Serving Denver’s Homeless

Deeper Look

God can’t work in our lives unless we allow Him room to make His plans our plans. Shaina has given herself entirely to the will of God and her life is not without trouble, but she still feels as though He will be all that she needs regardless of how difficult or eminent life may seem.

Her witness has touched the lives of thousands of people, and probably millions more spiritually. Shaina, most of all, would be the first person to tell you that any good she does, does not come from her, but rather from the grace and guidance of Christ working through her simple sacrifices.

I have the unique perspective of having had a working relationship as a fellow missionary with Shaina and I can personally vouch for her authenticity. We can all see how blessed our lives can be when we let go of our desires for control and accept the graces which God longs to give us. We may not have easy lives, as she herself says… “it’s a love that hurts”… but our lives will be full.

We encourage all to show your support to the Christ in the City program, and OneBillionStories, through donation and prayer.

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