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adoption Love Your Neighbors, Worldwide Through The Joy Of Adoption

Love Your Neighbors, Worldwide Through The Joy Of Adoption

In this video, we see an unbelievable witness to the power of self giving love. Through the sacrifice of this…

Why Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex? Catholic Answer

Why Wait Until Marriage To Have Sex?

In today’s video we witness a special–yet unfortunately rare– event: two individuals who have said yes to God’s plan for…

Catholic Testimony When God Knocks on the Door of Her Heart... "I just couldn't ignore it"

What Happens When God Knocks On The Door Of Her Heart

Through the productions of Onebillionstories.com, Shaina Stein speaks about her experience in giving her life to God and trusting him with her…

waiting Advent Catholic

“Waiting” Isn’t An Attractive Word, Is It?

  This video captures the melancholic colors of an unfulfilled life, which is all too familiar for most of us….

Is there evidence to prove you are Catholic?
Catholic Church

If You Were Convicted of Being Catholic, Would There Be Any Evidence?

This video expresses an all too overlooked truth, that just because someone claims to be Catholic it does not mean…

Jesus Christ

Is Your Jesus Plastic?

The video invites us to take a deeper look at the authenticity of our faith. Ryan is living a life…

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