This is the first episode of our animated series dedicated to the pontificate of Pope Francis. The name of the series is “Pope Francis Minute” and it will be a bilingual production (English & Spanish). Its goal is to transmit the Church’s message, as taught by the Holy Father, to the center and to the peripheries of the digital continent.

We all know how much Pope Francis loves to encounter people on his way. We wanted to take advantage of this great gift of his through our fictional (but realistic) episodes in which various characters come into contact with the Holy Father and/or his message.

Working on this series has been a beautiful and immense challenge. We ask for your prayers for each of us on the Catholic-link team, as the project has overwhelmed us since day one. Although there are certainly areas where we can improve, it is a professional undertaking made with great love for the Church. One great way to give us a hand is by leaving us a comment.  Tell us what you think – we greatly value your opinions!

Finally, all institutions that would like to support the series or acquire the rights for transmission can do so be contacting us through this link:

Any and all who might be interested in supporting the series (your names will appear in the credits of each episode) can make a donation via the following link. It doesn’t matter how small the amount, it can be 1$, 5$, 10$ (or however much you would like), every little bit helps. Single donations are of course gladly accepted, however, recurring donations help us immensely because they give us a better projection for our future, allowing us to plan a budget over time rather than guessing at fluctuating contributions:

With no further delay, here’s the first episode: “No Day Goes by Without Forgiveness in the Harris Family.” We hope you enjoy it ;)!



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(For those who would like, there are subtitles provided for this version. Simply click the “CC” button right below the video.)