Devote Your January To Jesus’ Holy Name and Childhood

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Did you know that each month has a traditional Catholic devotion? This year, let’s focus on each devotion month-by-month to grow in our faith and traditions! Make yourself notes, write it on your calendar, and pray a specific prayer each day of the month to remember. You could use a prayer already associated with the devotion or pray a personal one.

This month is January, which is dedicated to His Holy Name and His Holy Childhood. Liturgically, this makes sense because we just celebrated Jesus’ birth and continue to celebrate the season of Christmas!


His Holy Name should not be taken in vain. That’s even a commandment: You will not take the Lord’s Name in vain! Check out the litany of His Name (, find or create your own prayer, or simply say His Name lovingly throughout your day.

Reflection Questions on His Holy Name:

–          Do you use His Name in vain?

–          Do you allow others to use Your God and Savior’s name in vain around you?

–          What creative response can you make to when others use His Name in vain?

–          How can you use His Name with reverence?

–          What can you do to remember the importance of His Holy Name?

His Holy Childhood is celebrated in the devotions to the Infant of PragueHis Holy Childhood is important because Christ is fully human and fully God, which is a core belief of our faith. Look at pictures and statues of the Holy Family, especially in our Nativities for this Christmas season, and let yourself be in awe of Baby Jesus.

Reflection Questions for His Childhood:

–          What surprises you about Christ’s childhood?

–          What questions do you want to ask Him about His Childhood?

–          What do you think it was like having Mary and Joseph as parents?

–          Why did He choose Mary and Joseph to be parents?

–          Why did Jesus come as a baby rather than a fully-grown man?

–          Where do you see God in your own childhood memories?

January Catholic Challenge

Learn more about Christ’s Incarnation through the Gospels to inspire you to become more child-like, and don’t be afraid to use His name reverently throughout your day, even in conversation as a way of simple evangelization.

Holy Is The Name Of Jesus!

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