A List Of Sacramentals To Use

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What are Sacramentals?

“Holy Mother Church has, moreover, instituted sacramentals. These are sacred signs which bear a resemblance to the sacraments. They signify effects, particularly of a spiritual nature, which are obtained through the intercession of the Church. By them men are disposed to receive the chief effect of the sacraments, and various occasions in life are rendered holy.” – 1667 CCC

“Sacramentals do not confer the grace of the Holy Spirit in the way that the sacraments do, but by the Church’s prayer, they prepare us to receive grace and dispose us to cooperate with it. “For well-disposed members of the faithful, the liturgy of the sacraments and sacramentals sanctifies almost every event of their lives with the divine grace which flows from the Paschal mystery of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ. From this source, all sacraments and sacramentals draw their power. There is scarcely any proper use of material things which cannot be thus directed toward the sanctification of men and the praise of God.”

– 1670 CCC

A List Of Catholic Sacramentals

Holy Water

(Especially getting doused with it in the Asperges rite)

Sacramental Holy Water

Find out more about how to use Holy Water here –> https://catholic-link.org/images/infographic-holy-water-and-its-meaning/

The Rosary

Sacramental rosary

Find out how to pray the rosary here in this step by step guide –> https://catholic-link.org/pray-rosary-visual-guide/

The Crucifix

Sacramental Crucifix

The St. Benedict Medal

Sacramental St. Benedict Medal

Beautiful Churches

See 14 of the world’s most beautiful churches here –> https://catholic-link.org/14-of-the-most-beautiful-catholic-churches-in-the-world/

The Miraculous Medal

(And other saints medals of personal devotional significance)

What is the Miraculous Medal? What does the Miraculous Medal mean? Find out why Mary gave this gift to St. Catherine and the Catholic Church!

Beautiful Liturgical Vestments

Sacramental Vestments

Learn more about Liturgical Vestments here –> https://catholic-link.org/infographic-what-is-the-meaning-behind-the-priestly-vestments-a-practical-guide/

Blessed Candles

Sacramental Votive Candle

Learn more about Blessed Candles here –> https://catholic-link.org/why-do-catholics-light-candles/

The Brown Scapular

The History Of The Brown Scapular

Blessed Salt

Sacramental Blessed Salt

Learn more about Blessed Salt here –> https://catholic-link.org/stay-salty-know-blessed-salt/

The Missal

Sacramental Missal


“Among sacramentals blessings (of persons, meals, objects, and places) come first. Every blessing praises God and prays for his gifts. In Christ, Christians are blessed by God the Father “with every spiritual blessing.” This is why the Church imparts blessings by invoking the name of Jesus, usually while making the holy sign of the cross of Christ.” – CCC 1671

Statues of Saints and Religious Art

why do catholics worship statues and icons


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What Should You Give Up For Lent?

Stations of the Cross

Visual Guide to the Stations of the Cross

What Are Sacramentals in the Catholic Church?

More Resources On Catholic Sacramentals

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