Most Catholics are aware of the Lenten traditions of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. Besides eating meat on Fridays, there are a few other things that Church says we can’t do during Lent. There is one particular word that we don’t say during this Holy season simply because of it’s powerful meaning.


Catholics choose to fast from saying this word, which means “praise Yahweh”, because we are saving up all of our joy and praise for the Lord on Easter Sunday.

It’s a beautiful tradition of our faith. Fasting from saying “Alleluia” during the Lenten time of sacrifice and repentance helps us appreciate the depth and meaning of the word. If you go through all of Lent, but don’t experience the release of great joy with the news of the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday, then you are missing the point of this season. This practice also serves to remind us that although this life may be filled with trials, sacrifice, and struggles, there is an incredible joy that awaits us when we reach heaven.

Why Don’t We Sing Alleluia During Lent?

Why Can't You Say Alleluia During Lent?

If you have children, a meaningful way to help them understand the “why” behind fasting from this word is to bury the Alleluia on Ash Wednesday and then have them search for it on Easter Sunday. Find out more here.

“We are the Easter people and alleluia is our song.”

– St. John Paul II