The Lent Linebacker from New Catholic Generation is back to ensure that you stick to your Lenten promise and follow the days of fasting and abstinence. Cheat and you might find yourself getting tackled. The Lent Linebacker is lurking around every corner and ready to pounce when he sees anyone about to fail at Lent.

New Catholic Generation  is an organization made up of Catholic teens who create YouTube videos. They work to share the Catholic faith to their generation in creative and informative ways.

Check out these fun videos and share them with your youth group and friends!

Who is the Lent Linebacker?

Lent Linebacker Is Back For 2018

Will The Lent Linebacker Be Coming After You?


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If things are going so well, remember the words of St. John Paul the Great: “The future starts today, not tomorrow.”  Recommit to living out your sacrifice and offer it to the Lord. Come Easter Sunday, you will be glad you did!

“Lent is like a long ‘retreat’ during which we can turn back into ourselves and listen to the voice of God, in order to defeat the temptations of the Evil One. It is a period of spiritual ‘combat’ which we must experience alongside Jesus, not with pride and presumption, but using the arms of faith: prayer, listening to the word of God and penance. In this way we will be able to celebrate Easter in truth, ready to renew the promises of our Baptism.”Pope Benedict XVI