What Is Your Motivation For Doing Good?

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Why do we do good to others? Have you asked yourself? In today’s video, a Thai insurance company offers us a commercial that invites us to seriously ask ourselves this question.

Do I do good for the gratitude that I receive from others? Because doing it makes me feel at peace? Why?

On the other hand, do those who do good cause us discomfort because they make us confront our inner desires tinged with cowardice and selfishness? Or do they  stimulate us with their example to imitate these good deeds?

Unsung Hereo

Together with our blog partners let’s try to dissect these questions:

Manuel Rodriguez (Perú), author of the blog “Roncuaz

Goodness is a matter of faith. Only in believing that it will sprout is one encouraged to plant without seeing. And the miracle happens mathematically, when one decides to do a good, however small it is, leaving the place for others, cleaning something, giving alms, accompanying someone who is alone, in the end, any of the old works of mercy that are small and invisible, it happens that goodness flows and is multiplied somewhere. It’s like a matter of physics, like a type of mass that can’t be compressed and always finds a place to go. And the result is always seen through the heart and, precisely because of this, orders reason and emotions. It’s not an emotional issue, rather a spiritual issue and precisely for this reason it’s much more real than the rational or emotional. Goodness is the result of a deeper and more intelligent knowledge of reality, the oldest and most sensible tradition of humanity known always as Love.

Pilar V. Padial (Spain), author of the blog: ¡Vive!: Celebra la vida!

“No good deed goes unpunished.” Ultimately, I hear this phrase a lot, which responds to a disillusioned, disenchanted spirit…A vital tone that permeates the air of our society in crisis. And, the fact is, it’s true many times: the best actions have, often, a response of evil instead of gratitude or correspondence. It takes nothing more than to look at He who “did everything good,” Jesus.

But this is just an illusion that hides a deeper reality. Something great moves in hearts before an authentic act of generosity, performed with pure love. Resistances often arises , the demons gnash their teeth…But do not be deceived: love changes the world and it’s worth it. We all carry within our hearts the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The prize, which always comes from the hand of God in one way or another but we don’t notice it immediately, is happiness.

Fran del Nido (Argentina), author of the blog: “Apóstol Totus Tuus

We see a man that doesn’t have anything, he isn’t famous, he will not appear on TV. He’s a nobody. In the eyes of man today, he could die without worth or glory and the world would be the same, because it is what it is: a globe that spins. But if we see things from the perspective of God, the parameters are radically changed. You have to go to the minute, to the everyday. We must love in the small things in order to be able to love in the big things later. With this, the civilization of love begins to brew. With this, the mustard seed is watered, ready to  grow big and strong.

Néstor Mora (Spain), author of the blog “EclesiasTIC

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. When did you see him? everywhere and in all people who might have crossed his path. He hopes that we work together with Him. We give our insignificant will and strength. He gives the capacity to transform us by doing good.

If the world is an out-of-tune violin, dirty and broken, God hopes that we repair it and refine it. God will give us the score with which we can join to the song of creation.

P. Joan Carreras del Rincón (Spain), author of the blog: “Nupcias de Dios

Is the character in the video unrealistic? I already know that it’s fiction, but the question is whether it is unrealistic. On seeing it, one is assailed with the same feeling as when they read the Sermon on the Mount, which encourages one to turn the other cheek to one who hits you in the face. There is some exaggeration, as if it was not of this world. To give a chicken breast to the dog is much more than providing a crumb of bread! If we approach it from the ethical point of view, it’s clear that there is nothing to do. Demanding such behavior would be ridiculous. Neither does our character do it out of duty! It’s more of a type off superabundance of good that he carries inside. That is why he is a good example for us: he encourages us to emulate him. Here there is no way of getting stuck in proposals of mere compliance. In the parable of the final judgement, the condemned are not so because of breaking the commandments, but for not having mercy, namely, for missing the essence of the commandments, which is love.

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