This Movie Changed How I Think About Our Blessed Mother

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Looking back, I only have one regret from our wedding. The day was filled with joy, family, friends, a beautiful Mass, and plenty of dancing, but every time I go to a wedding I’m reminded of the one thing that we did not do at ours and it breaks my heart.

We did not take the time to honor Mary and ask for her guidance and intercession as so many Catholic couples do on their wedding day. When the priest asked us if we wanted to include this in our ceremony, I scoffed at the idea.

Why would we need Mary’s help when we had God’s blessing and guidance?

At that time, like so many others, I didn’t understand Mary’s role in my life. I thought she was over-rated and that many Catholics “worshiped” her to a fault.

But, God loves to reveal truth to us, and it didn’t take long for my vocation as a wife and a mother to lead me to a deeper appreciation of the gift that Mary is to the Church. I began by stumbling my way through the rosary and then eventually found 33 Days to Morning Glory. The at-home retreat completely changed the way I felt about Mary and I slowly started to embrace her as my mother.

Yet, it wasn’t until recently that my eyes were opened to the power that the Blessed Mother has to bring peace to our world, restore order in our culture, and convert hardened hearts. I was able to preview a newly released film, “Power In My Hands“, that the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate produced and it has left a lasting impact on me.

I admit I was skeptical at first. I didn’t really want to watch a feature-length film about Catholics who worship Mary. Thankfully, however, that’s not what this film is about at all. The stories highlighted are those of everyday people just like me who have experienced miracles because of their devotion to Our Lady and their commitment to praying the rosary.  The thing that struck me most about each story was that their love of our Mother Mary is what led them to a more profound relationship with her Son, Jesus.

In fact, that’s the goal of this movie. The official Power In My Hands website says this, “Power In My Hands is a film that uncovers the beauty, timelessness, and power of the rosary. Its primary purpose is to help viewers understand the power to revitalize America – a society in spiritual crisis and instill an active response to the Blessed Mother’s plea for prayer. Hope through Jesus Christ is the ultimate goal of this film.

Power In My Hands

Though I deeply regret not asking Mary to intercede for our marriage and to guide us on our wedding day, I’m confident that she is a Mother who welcomes her children back to her mantle of love and protection at all times. As the stories featured in “Power In My Hands” reminded me, no matter what we do or how far we stray, Mary patiently waits for us so that she can gently guide us to Christ.

Blessed Mother, pray for us!

Power In My Hands” is playing in select theaters throughout the United States. Visit the website to see if this incredible film will be coming to your city!

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