The Ultimate List Of Resources Needed To Explain The Relationship Between Science And Faith

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Though the media would have us think differently, the Catholic Church does not oppose science. In fact, the Church encourages us to develop our knowledge of the world around us because it always points to the Divine Creator.

Catholics need to be able to articulate our beliefs.  Many of those who leave the Christian faith do so because they falsely believe that science cannot coexist with faith. The resources below will help you in your own understanding of some of the most common arguments used and give you the tools you need to respond.

Four Proofs of a Designed Universe | Dr. Benjamin Wiker

The Magis Center

Society of Catholic Scientists

Science Tests Faith

Science & Religion by Bishop Robert Barron

Catholic Scientists

15 Catholic Scientists Who Have Made Amazing Contributions To The World

Catholics and the Big Bang Theory

A Vatican Scientist

Support From The Popes

“By encouraging openness between the Church and the scientific communities, we are not envisioning a disciplinary unity between theology and science like that which exists within a given scientific field or within theology proper. As dialogue and common searching continue, there will be grow towards mutual understanding and a gradual uncovering of common concerns which will provide the basis for further research and discussion. Exactly what form that will take must be left to the future. What is important, as we have already stressed, is that the dialogue should continue and grow in depth and scope. In the process we must overcome every regressive tendency to a unilateral reductionism, to fear, and to self-imposed isolation. What is critically important is that each discipline should continue to enrich, nourish and challenge the other to be more fully what it can be and to contribute to our vision of who we are and who we are becoming.” – St. John Paul II

“This increasing ‘advance’ of science, and especially its capacity to master nature through technology, has at times been linked to a corresponding ‘retreat’ of philosophy, of religion, and even of the Christian faith. Indeed, some have seen in the progress of modern science and technology one of the main causes of secularization and materialism: why invoke God’s control over these phenomena when science has shown itself capable of doing the same thing? Certainly the Church acknowledges that “with the help of science and technology…, man has extended his mastery over almost the whole of nature”, and thus “he now produces by his own enterprise benefits once looked for from heavenly powers” (Gaudium et Spes, 33). At the same time, Christianity does not posit an inevitable conflict between supernatural faith and scientific progress. The very starting-point of Biblical revelation is the affirmation that God created human beings, endowed them with reason, and set them over all the creatures of the earth. In this way, man has become the steward of creation and God’s “helper”. If we think, for example, of how modern science, by predicting natural phenomena, has contributed to the protection of the environment, the progress of developing nations, the fight against epidemics, and an increase in life expectancy, it becomes clear that there is no conflict between God’s providence and human enterprise. Indeed, we could say that the work of predicting, controlling and governing nature, which science today renders more practicable than in the past, is itself a part of the Creator’s plan.” – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

“I am deeply appreciative of your work, and I encourage you to persevere in your search for truth. For we ought never to fear truth, nor become trapped in our own preconceived ideas, but welcome new scientific discoveries with an attitude of humility. As we journey towards the frontiers of human knowledge, it is indeed possible to have an authentic experience of the Lord, one which is capable of filling our hearts.” – Pope Francis

Recommended Books

The Catholic Church & Science: Answering the Questions, Exposing the Myths

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