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Holy Father, I Want to Get a Divorce. What Can I Do? (The Pope Francis Minute)

In the midst of trials and arguments, it is often too quickly forgotten that marriage is a covenant bond between…


The Pope Francis Minute: Mother Teresa, the Saint of Darkness

Today it is official: Mother Teresa has been declared a saint! In all aspects of her life, Pope Francis said…

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Minute Explains: How to Pray When You Have No Time!

How often do we hear the phrase, or even say ourselves: “I should pray more…; I would like to but…

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Catholic Media

Have You Not Been Taking Care of Your Relationship with Mary? Pope Francis Explains Why You Should!

A few weeks back we presented a post for those who don’t feel to comfortable with the whole relationship with…


Pope Francis Explains: The Holy Year of Mercy

Today we begin the Jubilee of Mercy which is an Extraordinary Holy Year that officially commences today, December 8 – the Solemnity…

Faith & Life

Pope Francis Minute: “The Recipe for a Happy Family”

What can a Pope teach us about family life? Pope Francis took the opportunity to share about the hope provided…


Pope Francis Minute: “The Secret To Having a Successful Relationship”

Today we present our newest episode of  the  “Pope Francis Minute”,  Catholic Link’s animated series on the teachings of Pope…

Holy Father

Who is worthy of God’s mercy? — The Pope Francis Minute

“At times your may feel disappointed, discouraged, abandoned by all, but God does not forget his children, He never abandons…