Have You Not Been Taking Care of Your Relationship with Mary? Pope Francis Explains Why You Should!

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A few weeks back we presented a post for those who don’t feel to comfortable with the whole relationship with Mary. Today, we would like to continue to explain and dive into what our relationship with Mary is all about.

As Mother of Christ, Mary is our mother as well. This we believe and accept because Jesus Christ, her Son, wanted it that way. In the disciple John to whom Jesus said, “Here is your mother”, we discover ourselves and our own call to welcome her into our homes.

In a prayer during a visit to the Piazza di Spagna, Pope Francis said of Mary:

There is space for everyone beneath your cloak, because you are the Mother of Mercy. Your heart is full of tenderness towards all your children. The tenderness of God, who, by you, became incarnate and become our brother, Jesus, saviour of every man and woman. Looking at you, Our Immaculate Mother, we see the victory of divine mercy over sin and all its consequences; and hope for a better life is reignited within us… You say to everyone: “Come, come closer, faithful ones; enter and receive the gift of mercy…”

Pope Francis Minute

In today’s episode of the Pope Francis Minute, the Holy Father explains how to love the Virgin Mary and what her role is in our lives:

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