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Catholic Engaged Retreat Summit

FREE Event For Catholic Engaged Couples Desiring A Holy & Thriving Marriage!

What are the secrets of creating a marriage that doesn’t just survive… but THRIVES? Have you ever asked yourself this…

what is a silent retreat

5 Things That Happen On A Silent Retreat

Are you feeling low? Tired? Empty? Perhaps God is asking you to go on a silent retreat.  Retreats, particularly those…


Why You Should Consider an Online Retreat

Going on the occasional retreat is essential to the Christian life. It is necessary to set aside time to be…

Lent Holy Week Lanky Guys

Online Conference: How To Let Holy Week Transform Your Life

Are you looking for a way to end Lent on a great note and welcome the Easter season with Joy?…

Dating Detox: The 4 Toxic Beliefs Keeping You From Real Love" Catholic Dating

“Dating Detox: The 4 Toxic Beliefs Keeping You From Real Love”

“To one extent or another we’ve all been poisoned by the culture’s false idea of love, dating and sexuality. No…

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